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Hard service manager

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Shanghai, China

1. Responsible forthe business continuity and uptime for the maintenance operations of theindustrial sites (clean room & Lab) and office sites for China.2.Supportssuppliers with complex issues and continuous improvement in order to ensureand improve the reliability of assets
3. Together withthe supplier, responsible for the business continuity (availability andreliability) and uptime for all sites in China. 4.Manage the businesscontinuity strategy and increase business continuity / minimize risks bycontinuously optimizing asset maintenance plans and execution.
5. Act as deputymanagement for the (mutual backup) contract, team leads in soft service lines(cleaning, security, admin)
(co-) develop amaintenance strategy that is in alignment with the business objectives,considering the conditions of assets, capacity plans and possible relatedbusiness continuity risks
6. Manage andorganize the relevant/supporting information in order to classify conditionand status of assets and systems and to prioritize maintenance work or (longterm) investments.
7. Manage thecontent of the long term maintenance plan with supplier. From quality andbusiness continuity perspective judge and decide about maintenance plans, longterm maintenance plans and execution of maintenance throughout the year.
(co-) developpolicies for contract and supplier management in line with corporateguidelines, laws and regulations, best practices and standards.
8. Judge and giveadvice about proposed solutions for asset replacement, engineering,maintenance or repairs to be executed or repairs to be executed or planned.Ensure that optimal execution plans are prepared and act as the lead managerfor the suppliers to execute.
9. Run the dailyprocess of effective maintenance planning (aligned with the business andother projects/work) and decide upon the short- and medium-term executionplans with the suppliers.
10. Together withthe suppliers prepare timely and effective hand-over from projects to businessas usual, ensuring continuity and uptime.
11. Act as theexpertise counterpart and support suppliers with complex issues. Where neededguide them in the process of prioritizing, yet respecting the outputresponsibility that the suppliers have regarding their contractualagreement
12. Share hands onexpertise in projects, designs, reviews and studies. Act as the Subjectmatter expert to contribute to best practices for ASML, optimize the localproject process according to global standard.
13. Manage and/or verify compliance of suppliers to safety and compliancypolicies within ASML e.g. safe working, contractor safety manual, permit towork process, etc.,
14. Design andmaintain the operation processes, such as escalation, deviation and recoveryprocess.
15. Responsible forcrisis management. Ensure feasible plans, tested, operational and up-to-date.
16. First responderin case of continuity risks or failures with the purpose to minimize impact.In those cases, represent F&M, run decision-making processes, leadinvestigations and align with suppliers and CRE Business Partners to achievecontainment, structural solutions and down-size impact.
17. Manage theescalation, deviation and recovery processes. Set-up solid methods andrelated processes and maintain these, evaluate and adjust where needed. Andensure embedment in the supply chain.
18. Responsible forthe operational performance reporting and, together with the competenceengineer and CRE Business Partner, continuously develop the reporting formatand content (both for reporting purposes as well as to give insights inperformance and risks to the competence team)
19. Monitor facilities related spending against budget and forecast, adhereto and manage the approved budget
20. Take lead forbuilding projects, renovations or refurbishments1. Batchelor / Master degree in Engineering, FacilityManagement, business administration
2. At least 7 years of relevant experience in aninternational high tech industrial environment
3. Core Competences:
a. DecisionQuality (Judgement and informed decision making)
b. Drive Results
c. Direct work
d. Ensures accountability
e. Collaborates
f. Communicates effectively
g. Problem analysis / analytical
h. Action oriented
i. Stress resistance
Good command of both verbal and written English

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