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Are you a bachelor or master student in chemistry or mechanical engineering, with an interest in chemistry? Are you solution-oriented and communicative, with an interest in geometrical stability of glue connections? If so, this internship might be interesting for you!

Background information

The group Sensors Mechanics is part of the cluster Mechanical Development and is responsible for the design of optical sensor systems, like interferometers and image sensors. Part of the development portfolio of this group are the so-called image sensors – different types - which are located on top of the wafer stage and are used to measure e.g. the position of the focal plane of the projection lens, the light energy, optical aberrations and the position of the stage with respect to a reference. These sensors have in common that they use a camera or sensor covered with a glass plate with optical markers.

The glass plate with markers is glued with a 2-component epoxy in the sensor housing. The glue connection needs to be very stable over time (preferably stress free) and over a specific temperature range, since every deviation will result in inaccuracies on wafer level. We expect that the geometrical stability of the glue connection can be affected by e.g. the curing profile, exact composition of the glue, glue layer thickness, shrinkage, and right choice of the glass transition point.

Your assignment

As an intern in the Sensors Mechanics group, your task is to determine the dominant factors in the geometrical stability of the glue connection. You will conduct a study including experiments in order to determine the glue parameters, including geometrical properties of the glue layer, which affect the stability of the glue connection. During your assignment you will be in touch with mechanical and physics sensor architects and possibly a manufacturer. More specifically, you will:

  • Conduct a literature study with a focus on the glue connection stability and include effects of glue curing profile;
  • Define an experimental setup and/or general approach to determine the stability of specific glue connections;
  • Define a proposal to improve the stability of actual gluing connections for the sensors;
  • Demonstrate the stability of an improved glue connection

This internship is intended to last 4 to 9 months and the intern is expected to be available 5 days per week, starting in September 2022.

Your profile

To bethe perfect candidate for this internship position, you:

  • Are a BSc or MSc student in chemistry or mechanical engineering, with an interest in chemistry;
  • Have a background in chemistry or similar and an interest in geometrical stability of glue connections;
  • Are communicative and solution-oriented;
  • Speak and write English on an advanced level.

Please note that we may only consider applicants who remain enrolled as students at their educational facility for the whole duration of the internship.

Diversity and inclusion

ASML is an Equal Opportunity Employer that values and respects the importance of a diverse and inclusive workforce. It is the policy of the company to recruit, hire, train and promote persons in all job titles without regard to race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, veteran status, disability, sexual orientation, or gender identity. We recognize that diversity and inclusion is a driving force in the success of our company.

Other information

Change the world – one nanometer at a time
Become an intern at a Dutch company that’s a global industry leader. You’ll gain valuable experience in a highly innovative environment – one that sparks your imagination and creativity. In addition to a monthly internship allowance of maximum €600 (plus a possible housing and/or travel allowance), you’ll get practical guidance from experts in the field and the chance to work in and experience a dynamic team environment.

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ASML is a high-tech company headquartered in the Netherlands. We manufacture the complex lithography machines that chipmakers use to produce integrated circuits, or computer chips. What we do is at the heart of all the electronic devices that keep us informed, entertained and connected. Every day, you use electronics that simply wouldn’t exist without our machines.

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We’re a global team of about 28,000 people of 120 different nationalities and counting. Headquartered in Europe’s top tech hub, the Brainport Eindhoven region in the Netherlands, our operations are spread across Europe, Asia and the US.

In such an environment, your colleagues may be sitting next door, or they could be thousands of kilometers away in a different country – or even working for a different company.

An internship at ASML is the opportunity to get to know not only the world of industrial-strength R&D, but yourself – you’ll discover just what excites you most. Will you design a part of the machine, or make sure it gets built to the tightest possible specifications? Will you write software that drives the system to its best performance, or work side-by-side with the engineers of our customers in a fab, optimizing a system to the requirements of the customer?

How will you be part of progress?

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