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Senior Project Coordinator

Logistics & supply chain management

Project Management

Planning & Logistics

Logistics & supply chain management

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Veldhoven, Netherlands


Logistics & supply chain management, Project Management, Planning & Logistics


3-7 years



Job Category

Logistics & supply chain management




Are you challenged by finding creative supply chain solutions that match the dynamic world of engineering changes? Do you want to represent our Supply Chain department in technology driven development projects? Do you have additional experience or capabilities that will help our department to develop itself to the next level?

"As ASML develops high-tech modules the PLM PC role is dynamic by nature where we creatively work towards a structure that ensures material availability. I like my PLM PC role since we operate with high level of freedom as we represent the Supply Chain Management sector in the projects" (Jan, 34).

Job Mission

As a Product Lifecyle Management (PLM) Project Coordinator you participate in cross-sector project teams. In this team you represent Supply Chain Management which makes you responsible to secure material availability for the first prototypes, the ramp-up and to safeguard industrialization at the same time.

Therefore, you start to participate during the earliest phase of the Product Life Cycle. Whereas engineers start creating Technical Product Documentation (TPD) you concurrently assess supply chain impact; what is the impact of design choices for initial material availability, for future ramp up and for industrialization?

And since the teams develop high tech modules against severe time pressure you will need to accommodate and process engineering changes as design choices do not always turn out to be the right ones.
In the engineer change process the Project Coordinator participates in the business case by assessing supply chain impact in terms of material availability and costs. Consequently you will take the lead to implement the change in our supply chain, factories and at customer sites.

"ASML commits nonexistent technology to our customer base. The core PLM deliverable is to make all parts available on the required timings. We have procedures and use each other’s best practices, but what I particularly like is the fact that every case has its own specifics which makes the 'puzzle' complex. You need to dig into it and be keen to understand before actually being able to solve it" (Bart, 46).

Job Description

  • RepresentSupply Chain Management in cross sector project teams.
  • Planand report on the timely availability of Bill of Material and TPD in orderto pro-actively manage future material availability.
  • Createand align on implementation plans for engineering changes safeguarding materialtiming, cost and quality impact. Monitor proper execution of theseimplementation plans.
  • Determinethe supply chain consequences of proposed plan changes.
  • Securedesign for supply chain: manage embedding of logistic requirements inproduct design.
  • Plan, co-ordinate and administrate the material flow forcritical materials (parts, proto, spares, tools & packaging) in closeco-operation with Sourcing, Material Planning, Production Planning and CustomerService Planning.
  • Supportthe PLM Project Manager to manage product introduction within theboundaries of the triple constraint (quality, timing, cost).
  • Drivethe preparation of supply chain capability and industrialization.
  • Managethe phase out of products in supply chain to minimize excess andobsolescence risk .
  • Contributeto the further development of the Product Lifecycle Management department.


Bachelor or Masters with 2-5 years relevant work-experience.


Bring your experience to add value within our PLM department as for ASML;

  • Experiencein planning, logistics processes and quality in a high-tech, low-volumeenvironment, ramping-up new products;
  • Experienceas a project engineer in a high-tech, low volume environment (e.g. SupplyChain Engineering, Production Engineering);
  • Experiencein process development and IT related automation of processes;
  • Experiencein driving change.

Personal skills

Project Management skills;

  • Experiencewith stakeholder management;
  • Customerfocus and persuading skills;
  • Assertiveteam player, pro-active problem solver, action and result oriented;
  • Strongplanning- and alignment skills;
  • Goodsocial and communication skills;
  • Affinitywith a technical environment.

Other information

Supply Chain Management (SCM) is responsible for all inbound and outbound flows to and from the factory. Product Lifecycle Coordinators are part of Supply Chain Management. The holder of this position reports to the Manager Product Lifecycle Management. Strong interfaces exist with Development and regular supply chain departments such as Customer Supply Chain Management, Supplier Network Management, Supply Chain Planning, Production Planning and Procurement.