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Hwasung, Korea


Project Management


>10 Senior



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Job Description

Lean Country Lead role is responsible to mature the Lean Expert team through a learning community and to provide a secure environment with sense of belonging for Lean Experts that allows them to challenge the status quo.

Lean experts additionally report:
• (dotted line) toBPS Lean Deployment Leads to ensure proper:
o LE Selection & PPM
o LE Capability Development (monitor & adjust)
o LE Community learning (monitor and adjust)
• (dotted line) to Local Manager to ensure proper:
o Connection to the business and the local CS team
o LE business sense development & coaching


Bachelor's degree required.


Required Capacity
• Adequate bandwidth to support agreed deployment speed (1%, min 0.5 FTE allocation, also in sustaining)
• Normal line manager role: Hire, onboarding, people management, career development, attrition plan etc.
• Dotted line to CS BPS Deployment Lead team

Skill Level
• Lean expert to individually reach level 2 (Medior) for all skills in the skill matrix (hard & soft skills, MyLearning), within 9 months of onboarding. In meantime supported (See, Do, Teach) by
o KI consultant (6 day’s/month for 9 months)
o Other senior LE in country pool, managed by LCL
• Lean Country Support Kaizen team to jointly reach level 3 (self-sufficiency)
o Timeline to de determined country by country.