Commissioning & Acceptance Manager

Real estate and facilities management

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Veldhoven, Netherlands


Real estate and facilities management

Work Experience

10-15 years

Educational Background

Other non-technical backgrounds



Remote Work


Time Type

Full time

Job ID: J-00233968

Introduction to the Job

Do you want to work in Commissioning and Acceptance management in the high-tech industry?
The Corporate Real Estate department of ASML is looking for a Commissioning & Acceptance Manager who is responsible for the correct input for projects related to (critical) assets as well as effective and efficient hand-over to the maintenance organization and with that plays a vital role in the uptime and (future) production capabilities of ASML.

The Commissioning & Acceptance Manager is the single-point-of-contact for the technical hand-over & acceptance in Veldhoven with the purpose to safeguard technical quality and requirements in design, construction, commissioning and operation of ASML utilities and facilities managed by CRE Facilities & Maintenance. All of this based on and executed within CRE’s strategic pillars (Safety, TCO, Flexibility, Business alignment, Wellbeing and Sustainability).

Role and responsibilities

The Commissioning & Acceptance Manager plays a vital role in the effective and efficient commissioning of assets to the maintenance organization, and with that will cooperate closely with the supply chain of CRE F&M. Together with the expert supplier, the Commissioning & Acceptance Manager ensures timely acceptance, embedment and correct settings and asset configuration to run production ‘business as usual’.

Key Issues Facing Your Job: 

  • Act as a generic expert in all fields of assets. Maintaining a helicopter view to monitor and judge impact of projects on other assets or the entire system of assets. Manage and work in close connection with other competence managers and co-create/develop solutions from integrated (system) view.

  • Find a good balance between prescribing guidelines and workable requirements that meet the needs of the business (f.e. delivery time in projects).

  • Think and plan ahead, supporting Project managers to include essential moments of review, commissioning or acceptance timely. Be able to foresee potentials risks ahead of time and manage accordingly to avoid issues that impact safety, time, costs or performance.

  • Manage a complex field of stakeholders and in particular manage various interests that will be present in projects and be able to explain and deliberate the necessity of the guidelines and/or process steps set by you as the leading stakeholder representing the Competence group.

  • Manage compliance throughout all the project stages, ensuring that essential information and documentation is generated timely, accurately and logically (following guidelines). The role of assurance & compliance is essential for CRE F&M, also when projects are managed under pressure of time and costs.

Key Decisions to make: 

  • Decide about/approve designs, construction plans and solutions and/or decide upon involvement of an expert related to the applicable assets.

  • Decide about/approve upon safety situations and act with mandate to either change or interfere when (severe) risks are identified. 

  • Decide upon guidelines and standards that are leading for managing and maintaining the particular assets, contributing to the optimal performance for ASML, both local (Veldhoven) as guidelines that are leading for other sites.

  • Decide upon (other or specialist) expertise to acquire for in-depth analysis, studies or engineering work. 

Education and experience

  • Bachelor or Master degree in engineering.

  • 7+ years of experience in a relevant work field e.g. building services engineering, asset management.

  • Good knowledge of the Dutch language is a must due to our supplier base.


Working at the cutting edge of tech, you’ll always have new challenges and new problems to solve – and working together is the only way to do that. You won’t work in a silo. Instead, you’ll be part of a creative, dynamic work environment where you’ll collaborate with supportive colleagues. There is always space for creative and unique points of view. You’ll have the flexibility and trust to choose how best to tackle tasks and solve problems.
To thrive in this job, you’ll need the following skills:

  • Communicative and advisory skills.

  • Quality driven. 

  • Successfully persuades and influences others.

  • Analytical skills in broad technical scope.

  • Understands different interests/concerns. 

  • Work effectively with individuals and teams / partnership building.

  • Judgement and informed decision making.

  • -Able to work under pressure.

Diversity & Inclusion

ASML is an Equal Opportunity Employer that values and respects the importance of a diverse and inclusive workforce. It is the policy of the company to recruit, hire, train and promote persons in all job titles without regard to race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, veteran status, disability, sexual orientation, or gender identity. We recognize that diversity and inclusion is a driving force in the success of our company.

Other information

Position in the value chain:
CRE F&M works with several key suppliers for its hard services (asset and building maintenance) and soft services. The key suppliers manage a range of the operational and tactical activities of CRE F&M. CRE F&M acts as (strategic) demand organization towards the expertise parties by providing the (output)specifications and to ensure that delivered solutions are in compliance with specifications, performance targets and ASML conditions.

Other relevant organizational aspects:
CRE is positioned within ASML as a global matrix organization. CRE F&M is responsible for the assets and asset performance for production sites worldwide. Local F&M teams are responsible for the daily management and execution of asset management and FM services in compliance with (global) standards. Veldhoven is, as the largest production site worldwide, the leading facility for setting the global standards and asset performance requirements. 
The Commissioning & Acceptance Manager executes its role for the local CRE organization in Veldhoven.



  • Competence Managers: as the representative of the team Competence & Quality find alignment with Competence Managers to make sure their expertise is included when and where needed.

  • Quality & Standardization Expert: will support the Commissioning & Acceptance Manager to establish strong and clear standards to optimize the commissioning & acceptance process and related sharing, documenting and distributing of information.


  • CRE Projects: project managers are responsible for the execution of projects related to (critical) assets. The Commissioning & Acceptance Manager gives advice and deploys and shares the relevant guidelines, targets and requirements in order for the project manager to manage the project in an efficient and effective manner.

  • Hard Service Specialists & Asset Managers: responsible for managing the supply chain of Facilities & Maintenance. They act as the daily counterpart for suppliers and are responsible to ensure an effective maintenance organization. Together the Commissioning & Acceptance Manager will ensure timely alignment in projects and effective hand-over to running assets business as usual. 

Other significant relationships – internal:

  • Cross sector key users and counterparts in the various business environments (predominantly production environments).

  • Consulting and alignment activities with teams in Wilton, San Diego and Linkou to assure one global way of working.

Other significant relationships – external:

  • Professional network in the (supplier) market.

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