CRE - Facilities Management Electrical Specialist – Tainan

Real estate and facilities management

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Linkou, Taiwan


Real estate and facilities management

Work Experience

4-9 years, 10-15 years

Educational Background

Electrical Engineering



Remote Work


Time Type

Full time

Job ID: J-00271592

Introduction to the job

The Competence engineer is the functional owner of a facility / utility system, hence responsible for the performance and requirements of (critical) assets. The main objective of the competence engineer Electrical System is to continuously balance demand and supply of electricity and to optimize ASML’s electricity consumption and to guarantee the reliability and the availability of the system. All of this based on and executed within CRE’s strategic pillars (Safety, TCO, Flexibility, Business Alignment, Wellbeing and Sustainability).
Together, the competence engineer is the owners of the regional Engineering, Design Guidelines, policies and (long term) utility master plan of the system. Competence Engineers contribute to the industrial masterplan, sustainability master plan by (amongst others) feasibility studies and to have a contributing role toward the global competence knowledge and/or standards to be applied worldwide

Role and responsibilities

1. As competence engineer, generation and maintain the regional portion of engineering and design guideline documents for applicable asset (systems) and ensure applicability of the EDG’s regionally.
2. Define requirements that are relevant for compliance with regulations, policies and guidelines in the market, as well as the applicable guidelines or policies within ASML or set by CRE (i.t. sustainability, performance, maintainability, business continuity, etc.)
3. As functional owner responsible for the performance requirements of (critical) assets in particular field. This responsibility entails the performance of assets (i.e. reliability and availability [uptime]), managing the risks related to asset, effective set-up of assets ) or systems) and an effective cost strategy, resulting in an optimal balance between costs, risk and performance, hence ensuring safety and business continuity.
4. Ensure appropriate supply capacities for assets or asset groups/systems to meet the demands of the business (in close cooperation with Competence & Quality Manager and the Busines Partners (Regional Facility Manager)). To do so, collect, interpret and analyze external and internal information and assess the relevant of those for ASML.
5. Support the consumption-reduction and sustainability masterplan.
6. Participate in the Technical Response Team (TRT) as second line back-bone
7. Manage the energy supply contracts, together with contract & supplier manager and procurement (manage from content and capacity needs).
8. Continuously optimize the usage of the applicable assets and systems enhancing the life cycle, the performance, sustainability, safety, system availability and costs. Drive innovation and develop solutions, setting and asset configuration together with other experts in the team and/or with experts from supplier companies.
9. Conduct and derive analyses based on performance reporting in order to make improvements. Develop the (long term) capabilities plan that serve as the function for the masterplan and give input/conduct feasibility studies that support the (industrial) master planning process.
10. Collaborate with business lines regarding the use, re-use and design concepts for utilities, building services and manufacturing environments. Act as second line support in case of incidents and issue in functionality or performance of facility / utility systems.
11. Responsible to manage compliance from insurance perspective and managing the accompanying evidence/documentation.
12. Issue advice and/or conduct (feasibility) studies at request or at own initiative to management to optimize performance and capabilities of assets, supported with analysis, calculations or expert advice.
13. Identify and propose projects to upgrade or improve certain aspects of installations or assets in order to meet requirements from the business, changing performance (i.e. sustainability), regulations or changing policies and deliver input for budget.
14. Validate/review (concept) designs, PIDs, FMEAs, HAZAOPs, Program of Requirements, test plans, test results for projects and participate in projects by designing user and technical requirements and acceptance criteria.
15. Validate and/or conduct revies in commissioning of projects and validate and concur with stage gate approvals.
16. Manage and delegate work to engineering consultancy companies and provide them with the correct requirements, statement of work and briefing to execute work. Participate in the pre-qualifying processes to select third part architect and engineering firms
17. Validate and audit performance of suppliers.

Key Issues Facing Your Job:
• Act as the expert in the applicable field of facilities/utilities, yet maintaining a helicopter/generic view to monitor and judge impact on other assets or the entire system of assets. Manage and work in close relation with other Competence Engineers and co-create/develop solutions from integrated (system) view.
• Embed functional ownership by taking leadership and strong stand-point how and when EDG compliance is required and mandatory and act upon follow-up.
• Find a good balance between prescribing guidelines versus workable requirements that meet the need of the business (e.g. delivery time in projects).
• Manage a complex field of stakeholders and in particular manage various interests, and be able to explain and deliberate the necessity of the guidelines set by you as the leading competence engineer in the region.

Key Decisions:
• Decide about/approve designs and solutions related to the applicable assets and with impact on business continuity, performance and costs.
• Decide about/approve upon safety situations and business continuity impact as functional owner and act with mandate to either change or interfere when risks are identified.
• Decide upon guidelines and standards that are leading for managing and maintaining the particular assets contributing to the optimal performance for ASML at the industrial sites in the region.
• Decide upon the required (future) capacity and capabilities of facilities and utilities and plan changes and innovations in order to meet business demand.
• Decide upon (other or specialist) expertise to acquire for in-depth analysis, studies or engineering work.

Education and experience

• Bachelor / Master degree in a relevant electrical engineering
• At least 5~7 years of relevant experience in an international high tech industrial environment
• Proficient in Mandarins Chinese and English


Working at the cutting edge of tech, you’ll always have new challenges and new problems to solve – and working together is the only way to do that. You won’t work in a silo. Instead, you’ll be part of a creative, dynamic work environment where you’ll collaborate with supportive colleagues. There is always space for creative and unique points of view. You’ll have the flexibility and trust to choose how best to tackle tasks and solve problems.
To thrive in this job, you’ll need the following skills:

• In-Depth analytical skills
• Ensures accountability
• Manage Complexity
• Thinks and plans ahead
• Ownership & entrepreneurship
• Drive results and decision-making processes
• Strategic thinking & innovation
• Communicative and advisory skills
• Judgement and informed decision making.

Diversity & Inclusion

ASML is an Equal Opportunity Employer that values and respects the importance of a diverse and inclusive workforce. It is the policy of the company to recruit, hire, train and promote persons in all job titles without regard to race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, veteran status, disability, sexual orientation, or gender identity. We recognize that diversity and inclusion is a driving force in the success of our company.

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