Flow Analyst Immersion

Design Engineering and Architecture

Materials and conditioning

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Eindhoven, Netherlands


Design Engineering and Architecture

Work Experience

4-9 years

Educational Background


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Materials and conditioning



Remote Work


Time Type

Full time

NEW Job ID: J-00273664


In a world with an ever-increasing appetite for data, data storage and processing power, there is a strong drive to make computer chips better, faster and more energy efficient. This requires chip manufacturers to continuously shrink the size of individual devices on a chip in a pace predicted and dictated by Moore’s Law.

As a consequence, developing hardware to condition all the solid, liquid and gaseous bodies in the optical path in our scanner also becomes more demanding. We have to control temperature, geometry, flow dynamics and (particle) contamination levels within very narrow ranges. Think millikelvin, nanometers and parts per trillions.

Without proper conditioning, the information carried by the light travelling to the wafer, could be distorted and contamination could build up on optical surfaces, leading to performance and productivity loss over time.

Job Mission

As a Flow Analyst Immersion you will be a key player in making the performance of our scanners meet our customer’s demands. You will be responsible for developing, testing and steering future Immersion hardware solutions, in order to tackle flow related challenges. Moreover, you will assess, trouble-shoot and optimize conditioning performance of real scanners , that have just come into existence.

Job Description

In your day-to-day job you will develop and execute experiments and analyze the resulting data, in order to steer new hardware developments. Moreover, you will be instrumental in translating high level specifications into working solutions based on your in-depth analysis. In order to achieve this, you will need to develop knowledge on how design choices in conditioning hardware will influence the performance of the scanner. Using this knowledge you will work together with mechanical designers to develop cutting hardware edge solutions to increase performance for our customers.

As a Flow Analyst Immersion you will be part of a multi-disciplinary project team consisting of other analysts, designers, integrators, architects and simulation experts. You will be working to meet a shared goal against challenging constraints. The team will interface with other development projects, manufacturing, marketing, customer support and the customer. The team’s responsibility is to provide a solution for conditioning challenges.

  • Immersion scanners achieve high resolution thanks to the high refractive index of ultrapure water between the last lens element and the customer wafer. The immersion hood maintains a thermally stable lens bath, while trying to minimize defectivity due to water loss or gas bubbles. As system throughput and wafer scan speed increase, new innovations to keep immersion performance to the desired level.
  • Working at ASML as an Analyst / engineer means being part of a dynamic, fast-paced community, facing unprecedented challenges at the forefront of technology together. You will find an open environment, offering myriad possibilities to take charge of your career, to be inspired, to have fun.


At least BSc, MSc. and/or PhD in fluid dynamics, physics or mechanical engineering (or similar).


  • Theoretical and practical experience with heat and mass transfer phenomena
  • Affinity with measurement tools and setting up of experiments
  • Experience with processing data and statistical analysis
  • Coding experience for data analysis (e.g. Matlab, Python etc.)
  • Experience with Fluid Dynamics simulations
  • Experience in the semiconductor industry is considered a pre

Personal skills

  • Can communicate clearly on technical detail level with peers
  • Able to convey complex topics in an understandable fashion to stakeholders
  • Robust personality
  • Strong pragmatic attitude with an analytical view
  • Self-propelling with a lot of initiative and drive. Able to initiate, influence, steer
  • Out-of-the-box thinker
  • Team player, responsible and reliable
  • Able to distinguish main matters from side issues. Able to develop a vision
  • Convincing. Speaks up. Able to convey a vision

Context of the position

The Immersion and Optical Column Condition group is part of the Optical Column Department in the DUV business line. Your direct manager is Peter Arts, group lead of the Immersion and Optical Column Conditioning group.

Business line DUV is responsible for the development of new DUV Dry and DUV Immersion products and for supporting a huge installed base of DUV products.

Immersion and Optical Column Conditioning is responsible for the development of new hardware solutions and the Integration as well as industrialization of these designs in the lithography system. Our projects provide support for issue resolution in field and factory. To do all this successfully, requires close interaction with other DUV development teams (e.g. reticle stage, system dynamics, thermal and flow infrastructure, software, projection, illumination, focus, etc.) and sectors such as customer support, manufacturing, marketing as well as System Engineering.