Manufacturing - OSM Specialist - Tainan


In a nutshell


Tainan, Taiwan



Work Experience

2-3 years, 4-9 years

Educational Background

Other technical backgrounds, Other non-technical backgrounds



Remote Work


Time Type

Full time

Job ID: J-00272931

The Operation Supply Management (OSM) department is within Supply Chain Management. This department is responsible for several logistic activities and material planning. This is a project-based position toward SCM to optimize process.

Job Mission
1. Eligible for leading projects with logistic or materials planning scope.
2. Coordination and completion of projects on time within framing and within scope.
3. Set deadlines, assign responsibilities, monitor and summarize progress of project of own business scope.
4. Presenting updating reports for all stakeholders regarding status of projects.

Job Description
1. Determine and define project scope and objectives.
2. Reserve resources needed to reach objectives and manage resources in an effective and efficient manner.
3. Develop and manage a detailed project schedule, work plan, and strategy.
4. Presenting project updates on a consistent basis to various stakeholders about strategy, adjustments, and progress agreement to documentation.
5. Collaboration and fluent English communication skills between multiple departments are highly needed.
6. Be able to motivate and guide team member with stressful situations.
7. Optimistically deal with and tackle challenges step by step.

Master Degree

3~5 year experience in supply chain related function

Personal skills
1. Achieved, proven worldwide project management cases in fluent English for implementation, plan, and completion.
2. Experiencing projects in full life cycle management or supply chain management.
3. Lean management or Lean project experience is preferred.
4. SAP or Oracle operation experience for material module/production module is preferred.

Context of the position
As part of SCM (Supply Chain Management), “Material Planning” Department responsible for acquiring all materials needed on time to fulfill MPS plan, which gathers demand information from production, field, etc.
OSM (Operation Supply Management) in MP plays a key role to trigger module production by creating/controlling delivery schedule


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