Quality Improvement and Customer Feedback Analyst

Data and Analytics

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Veldhoven, Netherlands


Data and Analytics

Work Experience

4-9 years

Educational Background

Other non-technical backgrounds



Remote Work


Time Type

Full time

NEW Job ID: J-00275820

Key Areas of Responsibility (KAR’s)

  • Use statistical software and six sigma techniques to analyze and interpret data, identify trends and patterns, and develop meaningful insights that can be used to optimize the Make and Install key manufacturing quality indicators including (Cost of Non-Quality (CoNQ), XLDs', New Machine Quality Issues, MN, ODRs, PQI etc.).

  • Prepare reports, presentations, and visualizations dashboards that communicate insights and recommendations related to the Make and Install end to end key manufacturing quality indicators to EF Staff and other stakeholders.

  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams to identify areas for improvement and develop solutions to enhance quality performance and quality management processes. Monitoring and measuring the effectiveness of process improvements and making recommendations for further optimization.

  • Represent EF towards other departments and sectors involved in the customer complaint handling process including Global Quality-Customer Focus group, Customer Service, Sales, System Engineering, Supply chain, Logistics, manufacturing and technical support departments.

  • Communicate the customer complaints towards EF internal stakeholders. Secure the analysis and related 8D issue resolution process including root cause investigation and follow up actions on End-to-End quality issues, in close collaboration with all departments and sectors involved.

  • Identify complaint trends and call for action from the organization when action is needed to improve quality level, motivate manager/directors to increase customer quality focus.

Organizational context

Products/services/technology and market dynamics:

EF gets parts from suppliers, assembles and tests them, and then installs the complete EUV machines at customer sites.

Operational excellence department ensures growth in quality and lean manufacturing culture within EF, interfacing with many other sector/departments such as CS, SC, other factories and corporate quality departments.

As part of evaluating the effectiveness and efficiency of our quality management system we need to monitor the End-to-end quality indicators and the Voice of the Customer. In such Extremely dynamic, innovative organization with use of complex technologies, the role of “Quality Improvement and Customer Feedback Analyst” represent the voice of the customer internally within EF and coordinator customer complaints with the relevant stakeholders and mirroring factory performance.

Position in the value chain:

Probable contact with both main suppliers and main customers, throughout complete value/supply chain.

Other relevant organizational aspects:

Geographical spread, willingness to travel to customer/ASML sites in other continents.

Key Issues Facing Your Job

  • How to guard the PDCA process on the Make and Install quality performance indicators and trigger escalation process where needed.

  • How to secure EF customer complaints communication to the right stakeholders, ensuring the necessary follow up is give, both in terms of feedback to corporate quality and customers, and to improve quality level within EF.

Key Decisions

  • Decide whether trends/issue need to be escalated to higher management level, and what needs to be done to increase performance.

  • Decide the efficiency and effectiveness of the improvement actions. 

  • Decide if the root cause analysis and the actions are a customer acceptable answer: if not, drive for improvements.



Reports to EF Quality Assurance and Compliance manager.

Part of Operational excellence team, Work unsupervised with high-level checks.


Network within all layers of EF to get the quality data and customer complaints analyzed.

Network within the quality data, performance and cost analysts in other factories.

Network within the global quality data, performance and cost analysts.

Other significant relationships – internal:

Contact with SC (possibly supplier management).

Other significant relationships – external:

Participate in the customer visits and ISO audits, explaining the overall picture and checks the content in advance; can explain the content to customers and other stakeholders if needed.



  • 5-7 Years’ experience in a Manufacturing environment.

  • Experience with statistical analysis tools (e.g., R, SAS, SPSS).

  • Experience with data visualization tools (e.g., Tableau, Power BI).

  • Six sigma methodology background - certified green belt is a preferred.

  • Experience with quality management systems (e.g., ISO 9001, ISO 14001).

  • Know how /experience in ASML data systems, track and trace, history of parts etc.

  • ASML product knowledge is a preferred.

  • Quality Management Systems and Q-methods / -techniques, including 8D approach, problem solving tools and techniques.

  • Broad technical knowledge of complex production processes in a high technological environment.

Personal Skills

  • Strong communication and influencing skills.

  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills.

  • Is able to lead operational meetings with different disciplines.

  • Is able to host visits/audits and give a customer acceptable presentation towards customers and audits.

  • Communicator / networker to be informed well and knows to find relevant information.

  • Experience with stakeholder management.

  • Drive the reach result, no easy thinking.

  • Evidence / analytical based thinking and acting.

  • Knows what has to be done; determines easily between major <> minor issues.

  • keeps long term view in mind in his day-to-day operation.

  • Team player shares his knowledge in the team and contributes to long term quality and safety development.

  • Support oriented to the organization.​


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