Customer service engineer

Customer support

In a nutshell


Nanjing, China


Customer support

Work Experience

0-1 year, 2-3 years

Educational Background

Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechatronics



Remote Work


Time Type

Full time

Job ID: J-00282698

Customer Support Engineer

Job Description:

- Evaluate and diagnose problems and make appropriate repairs. Work with co-workers, customer & field support in isolating and solving problems.

- Maintain and optimize equipment on a daily basis to enhance functionality and prevent problems.

- Customer interface :  daily machine status, PM status, machine time , P/T  in/out communication with customer.

- Perform administrative and coordination duties, including pass-downs, work orders, field service reports, system problem reports, and monthly reports. Prepare written technical reports on an independent basis. Provide if appropriate support and assistance to less experienced ASML or local personnel as necessary.

- Handling tool/parts for service actions with high quality

- Should expect to spend more than 50% of the time inside the clean room working with mechanical and electrical equipment.

- Can work flexibly, can accept overtime working

- Have initiative to communicate with colleagues and learn from them

- Can accept manager/leader’s flexible arrangement based on company business needs

Educational Level:

- Position requires a BS degree in an engineering field or equivalent experience, mechanical aptitude, and knowledge of pneumatics, hydraulics, electronics, semiconductor processes, relevant software, and related.

- Knowledge of safety procedures required.

- Sufficient oral and written English level

Personal Skills:

- Good communication skill

- Good cooperation with team members

- Flexibility for OT , working in holidays.

- Strong ownership and commitment level.

- Active in learning,  eager to dig into technical detail

- prefer Nanjing local residence