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Introduction to the job

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ASML US brings together the most creative minds in science and technology to develop lithography machines that are key to producing faster, cheaper, more energy-efficient microchips. We design, develop, integrate, market and service these advanced machines, which enable our customers - the world’s leading chipmakers - to reduce the size and increase the functionality of their microchips, which in turn leads to smaller, more powerful consumer electronics. Our headquarters are in Veldhoven, the Netherlands, and we have 18 office locations around the United States including main offices in Chandler, Arizona, San Jose and San Diego, California, Wilton, Connecticut, and Hillsboro, Oregon.

For ASML it is paramount to be and remain the global leading company in lithography-based chip-making equipment inside an ecosystem of ever growing complexity.

To best enable ASML’s vision, the Facilities Management (FM) department, part of the Corporate Real Estate (CRE) organization, strives to maintain a consistent set of physical assets through its complete lifecycle to support the production process of ASML in an optimal manner. In addition, CRE FM is responsible to manage all buildings, grounds and services with the aim to contribute to an appealing, attractive and comfortable working environment for ASML employees and visitors. Our joint CRE strategic pillars Safety, Total cost of ownership, Flexibility, Business alignment, Wellbeing and Sustainability guide us in our plans and activities.

The Mechanical & BMS Competence Manager is the functional owner of a facility/utility system, hence responsible for the performance and requirements of the (critical) assets. The main objective of the Competence Manager is to ensure cabins are all provided with adequate building services and utilities at maximized availability, to meet user requirement specifications. In addition, together, the Competence Managers are the owners of the Engineering Design Guidelines, policies and (long term) utility master plan. Competences Managers contribute to the Industrial masterplan by (amongst others) feasibility studies and have a leading role to establish competence knowledge and/or standards to be applied locally.

The Competence Manager is both responsible for local contracts and guidance to the contract and supplier managers for CRE Wilton.

Role and responsibilities

CRE FM works with several key suppliers for its hard services (asset and building maintenance) and soft services. The key suppliers manage a range of the operational and tactical activities for CRE FM. CRE FM acts as (strategic) demand organization, driving the expertise, and contracted parties by providing the (output) specifications and to ensure that delivered solutions are in compliance with the specifications, performance targets and ASML conditions.

Other relevant organizational aspects:

  • Wilton CRE is positioned within ASML as a global matrix organization. CRE FM therefore is responsible for the facilities, utilities and asset performance for (production) sites worldwide. Local CRE teams are responsible for the daily management and execution of asset management and FM services in compliance with ASML standards.  
  • The Competence Manger is part of the HARD SERVICE MANAGEMENT TEAM that is responsible for managing the maintenance and facility management services and all supportive functions. The team is organized to meet business demands, with complimentary roles:
  • Hard & Soft Services Specialist and Competence Managers are responsible for the execution of maintenance and FM services.
  • In addition, with Contract & Supplier managers are responsible for managing the supply chain and agreements, and monitoring KPI’s that support efficient delivery processes.


  • As functional owner responsible for the performance requirements of (critical) assets in a particular field. This responsibility entails the performance of assets (f.e. reliability and uptime), managing the risks related to assets, effective set-up of assets (or systems) and an effective cost strategy, resulting in an optimal balance between costs, risk and performance, hence ensuring safety and business continuity.
  • Ensure appropriate supply capacities for assets or asset groups/systems to meet the demands of the business (in close cooperation with Program Managers and Business Partners). To do so, collect, interpret and analyze external and internal information and assess the relevance of those for ASML.
  • Ensure appropriate hook-up of ASML lithography systems and ancillary equipment as well as safe and structural integrity of interfaces within the factory in Wilton.
  • Measure and analyze how process utilities and building services are used in cleanroom work centers and optimize hook-up strategies finding the optimal balance in strategic planning, requirements from the business and cost, risk and performance.
  • Manage the cleanroom configuration masterplan and keep track of the different work center configurations. Based on this give advice about feasible planning and required adjustments in (technical) installations in order to meet the long term plan.
  • Translate customer requirements into requirements to be used by project management and validate/review concepts of projects requiring modifications of cleanrooms (Management of change). Interact with D&E liaison, CRE Business partners and project managers from an advisory role to drive efficient and effective hook-up.
  • Continuously optimize the usage of the applicable assets and systems enhancing the life cycle, the performance, sustainability, safety, uptime and costs.
  • Drive innovation and develop solutions, settings and asset configuration together with other experts in the team and/or with experts from supplier companies.
  • Collaborate with business lines regarding the use, re-use and design concepts for utilities, building services and manufacturing environments.
  • Act as third line support in case of incidents and issues in functionality or performance of facility/utility systems.
  • Responsible to manage compliance from insurance (Risk) perspective and managing the accompanying evidence/documentation. Issue advice and/or conduct (feasibility) studies at request or at own initiative to management to optimize performance and capabilities of assets, supported with analysis, calculations or expert advice.
  • Identify and propose projects to upgrade or improve certain aspects of installations or assets in order to meet requirements from the business, changing performance (f.e. sustainability), regulations or changing policies and deliver input for budget.
  • Validate/review (concept) designs, PIDs, FMEAs, HAZOPs, Program of Requirements, test plans, test results for projects and participate in projects by defining user and technical requirements and acceptance criteria. Validate and/or conduct reviews in commissioning of projects and validate and concur with stage gate approvals (Management of change).
  • Manage and delegate work to engineering consultancy companies and provide them with the correct requirements, statement of work and briefing to execute work. Participate in the pre-qualifying processes to select third party architect and engineering firms.
  • Validate and audit performance of suppliers.
  • Responsible for the competence industrial automation and control, and building management systems. Functional owner for the Industrial Control and Building Management systems, including instruments like PLC, SCADA, Historical Trend Data Reporting, Security Systems and Facility Monitoring System (FMIS).
  • Generate and maintain the Engineering and Design Guideline and Masterplan Building Automation.
  • Derive the strategies, policies, standards, tooling and (utility) masterplan for the assets in the particular field of expertise.
  • Design and specify automation and systems for (new & existing) facilities. Product owner of the SCADA system (IT managed service)
  • Define optimum system infrastructure and set-up to secure business continuity, safety and security in Wilton and secure system integrity (capacity, safety, alarm level, backup system) of on-line monitoring of technical installations 24/7.
  • Optimizing systems and automation as well as continuously improve how to visualize performance to increase quality, minimize downtime, reduce safety risks, improve performance of technical installations and create faster diagnostics.
  • Act as expertise manager towards the CRE F&M suppliers in order for them to comply to Engineering Design Guidelines or to ASML Data/IT.


  • Support the development of best practices across cleanrooms worldwide to guarantee quality and quantity of supply.
  • Support the development of new/optimal configurations for the future, taking into account Engineering Design Guidelines of different disciplines, utilities master plan and developments in ASML D&E and developments in the (technical) market to drive future (innovative) solutions.
  • Support the development of a global level (asset) expertise and standards to be applied worldwide. Upon request, provide global knowledge sharing and (if applicable) support standardizing the performance criteria of particular assets worldwide together with local colleagues.
  • Support the development of requirements that are relevant for compliance with regulations, policies and guidelines in the market, as well as the applicable guidelines or policies within ASML or set by CRE (f.e. sustainability performance, maintainability, business continuity etc.).
  • Support the planning, driving, and implementation of new or changed standards, guidelines and tooling.
  • Support colleagues at other sites in the translation of standards to be applied locally and if relevant support in design reviews or (feasibility) studies.

The Competence Manager is responsible for the performance and requirement definitions of (critical) assets based on the strategic pillars and with that plays a vital role in the uptime and (future) production capabilities of ASML.

Ownership of Critical Assets:

  • Air Handling.
  • Air Exhaust.
  • Heating.
  • Steam.
  • Cooling.
  • Building Management System (BMS).
  • RFID Tools/Tagging Location System.

Education and experience

  • Bachelors or Master degree in Mechanical Engineering or Facilities Management or equivalent experience.
  • Professional Engineer (PE) preferred.
  • Minimum 7-10 years of relevant working experience, preferably in complex (industrial) environment.

The Mechanical Competence Manager should have competencies in the following:

Stakeholders management/relationship management (establishing effective networks):

  • Financial management.
  • Performance management .
  • Innovation and vision.
  • Results oriented.
  • Judgement and informed decision making.
  • Collaboration.
  • Ensures accountability  .
  • Communicative and advisory skills.
  • Strategic mindset.


Working at the cutting edge of tech, you’ll always have new challenges and new problems to solve – and working together is the only way to do that. You won’t work in a silo. Instead, you’ll be part of a creative, dynamic work environment where you’ll collaborate with supportive colleagues. There is always space for creative and unique points of view. You’ll have the flexibility and trust to choose how best to tackle tasks and solve problems.

To thrive in this job, you’ll need the following skills:

  • Can observe and respond to people and situations and interact with others encountered in the course of work.
  • Can learn and apply new information or skills.
  • Must be able to read and interpret data, information, and documents.
  • Strong customer focus and commitment to customer satisfaction through prioritization, quality, efficiency and professionalism.
  • Ability to complete assignments with attention to detail and high degree of accuracy.
  • Proven ability to perform effectively in a demanding environment with changing workloads and deadlines.
  • Result driven-demonstrate ownership and accountability.
  • Identifies bottlenecks and drives improvements.
  • Work independently or as part of a team and follow through on assignments with minimal supervision.
  • Demonstrate open, clear, concise and professional communication.
  • Ability to establish and maintain cooperative working relationships with manager, co-workers and customer.
  • Work according to a strict set of procedures within the provided timelines.

Diversity & Inclusion

ASML is an Equal Opportunity Employer that values and respects the importance of a diverse and inclusive workforce. It is the policy of the company to recruit, hire, train and promote persons in all job titles without regard to race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, veteran status, disability, sexual orientation, or gender identity. We recognize that diversity and inclusion is a driving force in the success of our company.

Other information

The Competence Manager’s role is primarily focused on the Wilton Campus, but at times may need to support Customer Services sites and or Veldhoven initiatives. Travel may be required up to 10 percent of the time.

Key Issues Facing Your Job:

  • The current supplier base in Wilton will be retendered in 2023. This requires a number of high complex tenders and contracting processes in a complex industrial environment accompanied by critical risk management strategies. The Mechanical Competence Manager is (partly) responsible for supporting these tenders and the contracting processes.
  • Support structural analysis, forecasting and long term financial planning of CRE F&M contracts. The Contract & Supplier manager will be responsible to set this up in a local, uniform manner, actively implementing standards at other sites of ASML (f.e. using uniform metrics).
  • Supplier relationships are currently (predominantly) based on historical relations, not always supportedwith clear agreements on the objectives and mutual/vested outcomes. Output contracts will have to support CRE F&M in the future to make a change from short term focus to long-term planning with supportive sourcing and supplier strategies.
  • Also partnership-driven relations (f.e. Vested) are considered as essential new, but challenging contracting strategies for ASML. The Contract & Supplier manager will be (partly) responsible to develop future proof ideas and visions on contracting strategies and implementation of these strategies.
  • Embedding innovation and continuous improvement processes in the collaborations with suppliers. The Contract & Supplier manager will be (partly) responsible to develop new insights and ideas how to embed innovation in the supply chain and evolve the supplier relations and partnerships following ASML vision.
  • Establish strong relations with suppliers in order to successfully manage contract relations from a partnership approach. Be sensitive for the relational side of these types of (strategic) partnerships and build professional network relations.

Key Decisions:

  • Decide on the framework for CRE F&M sourcing strategies, contract strategies and performance management approach.
  • Decide on a local/global reporting system and uniform metrics for performance management and financial reporting by suppliers.
  • Decide on contracting strategies and supplier selection and termination.
  • Decide/judge on supplier performance and, if applicable, coinciding consequences. This also includes allocation of supplier budgets in line with (strategic) planning and approval of deviations from budgets (in consultation with content experts).
  • Decide on focus/priorities for the supply chain.

Stake Holders:


  • Competence Managers and Hard & Soft Service Specialists: responsible for managing the supply chain from a specialist perspective (content-driven) and day-to-day management. These colleagues are the daily counterpart for (complex) issues and develop the performance and quality requirements that suppliers use in the execution of their work. The Contract & Supplier manager closely works together with these content experts to connect contracting strategies with content, f.e. in the KPI-system and SLA’s.
  • Data, Information & Systems: responsible for the supporting data management and the systems landscapeof CRE. The Contract & Supplier manager cooperates with Data, Information & Systems colleagues to align and connect on performance management data, reporting and information collection, storage and usage.


  • Finance: responsible for the financial reporting of supplier spend. The Contract & Supplier manager closely collaborates with Finance to derive the relevant financial information to drive the financial process with the suppliers in the supply chain.
  • Procurement: responsible for the procedures and contracting activities for ASML. The Contract & Supplier manager closely cooperates with procurement in designing the sourcing strategies, managing contracts, tenders and supplier reviews and escalations.

Other significant relationships- internal:

  • Alignment with CRE managers on supplier strategies (i.e. suppliers that both execute work in projects and in maintenance activities).
  • Consulting and alignment activities with teams in Wilton, San Diego and Linkou to assure one global way of working.

Other significant relationships- external:

  • Suppliers F&M: the Contract & Supplier manager is the mandate for CRE F&M to manage the agreements, budget and scope for suppliers.
  • Contract management relations with auditors/performance assessors and/or system suppliers and/or consultancy companies.
  • Professional network in the supplier market and with peer organizations.

Role within Office


  • Routinely required to sit; walk; talk; hear; use hands to keyboard, finger, handle, and feel; stoop, kneel, crouch, twist, reach, and stretch.
  • Occasionally required to move around the campus.
  • Occasionally lift and/or move up to 20 pounds.
  • May require travel dependent on business needs.
  • Specific vision abilities required by this job include close vision, color vision, peripheral vision, depth perception, and ability to adjust focus.

Role within the Factory


  • Must be willing to work in a clean room environment, wearing coveralls, hoods, booties, safety glasses and gloves for entire duration of shift.
  • While performing the duties of this job, the employee routinely is required to sit; walk; talk; hear; use hands to keyboard, finger, handle, and feel; stoop, kneel, crouch, twist, reach, and stretch.
  • The employee may occasionally lift and/or move up to 50 pounds.
  • Specific vision abilities required by this job include close vision, color vision, peripheral vision, depth perception, and ability to adjust focus.
  • Can work under deadlines.
  • The environment generally is moderate in temperature with moderate to high noise level.
  • Must be willing to work a compressed work week schedule – twelve-hour long shift and rotating from three to four days a week.
  • This must include references to day and night shifts for accommodation purposes.

Additional responsibilities for Wilton Factory:

The physical demands described here are representative of those that must be met by an employee to successfully perform the essential functions of this job.

Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.

  • The employee is required to work in a cleanroom environment: full gowning (full body coveralls, hood, CR safety shoes, face mask, nitrile gloves and safety glasses. Working under ISO 9000/14000 standards).
  • Operating/working around overhead cranes, fork trucks and motorized pallet movers.
  • Working around lasers; working with ladders; working on platforms; and working around chemicals.
  • The employee is occasionally required to move around the campus.
  • The employee may occasionally lift and/or move up to 20 pounds.
  • May require travel dependent on company needs.
  • The environment generally is moderate in temperature and noise level.

EOE AA M/F/Veteran/Disability

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