The Intergalactic Coding Challenge

The Intergalactic Coding Challenge

The challenge has been completed! If you were able to solve the puzzle, you may have won a prize

The story

The year is 2150. You're the captain of the Galaxy Wanderer, and you're running out of time. The fuel tanks are low, and your desperate search has taken you to planets farther than you've ever traveled. Now, only your coding skills can save you!

The mission

Put your programming skills to the test! Whether you’re looking to challenge yourself in a C++ or Python coding challenge or see how you stack up against others in a C# or Java coding challenge, you’re in the right place.

The bounty

Useful gadgets that will expand your coding knowledge – such as a 5TB hard drive and books to advance your skills – to make your daily coding tasks a little bit easier.

A two-day trip to our ASML campus, which includes:

  • Two-night stay in central Eindhoven

  • Interactive sessions to learn about software development within ASML

  • A chance to discover the ‘Silicon Valley’ of the Netherlands

The logbook

1. Registration opens

Ready to tackle this intergalactic quest to prove your coding skills?

2. Challenge begins

The quest has begun! Your 'ship'  will take its journey from November 2–16, 2019 – will you be at the helm?

3. Claim your bounty!

If you succeeded in the coding challenge, we’ll email you with instructions on claiming your prize.