Christel Keizer

Chairperson and Director of ASML Foundation

Christel was appointed as ASML Foundation’s Chairperson and board member per 1 October 2014. Christel joined ASML in 1999, serving in ASML’s Corporate Legal Department, amongst others, as Senior Legal Counsel Corporate Law and Deputy Company Secretary.

Marije Rhebergen

Board member

Marije was appointed as board member per 2 February 2016. She has more than 10 years (inter)national experience in strategic development aid. She has been Global Head of Sustainability at DLL since 2011.

Leon Caers

Board member

Leon was appointed as a board member per 14 February 2017. He has extensive experience in a wide range of HR-related activities, including as owner of his  own HR consultancy for the last 20+ years. In addition, Leon has always been and still is an active member of the community.