A sample wafer clamp made by Berliner Glas

Berliner Glas Group

Berliner Glas, with its expertise in optical fabrication and wafer chuck technology, joined the ASML family in 2020

A supplier to ASML since the 1990s, Berliner Glas has long contributed to the success of our lithography portfolio. With R&D and manufacturing expertise in optics and wafer chuck technology, Berliner Glas manufactures many key components for our extreme ultraviolet (EUV) and deep ultraviolet (DUV) systems, including wafer tables and clamps, reticle chucks and mirror blocks.

History of Berliner Glas

Berliner Glas was founded in 1952 in Berlin as a glass works and glass wholesaler. Over the decades that followed, Berliner Glas emerged as a high-tech, high-precision company vital to the semiconductor supply chain.

Old-fashioned picture of two men loading glass onto a Berliner Glas truck.

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Berliner Glas was founded by Herbert Kubatz. In its early years, the company processed and finished diapositive glasses and microscope slides before moving to glass refinement and the production of technical glasses.

When Herbert’s son, Dr. Herbert Kubatz, joined the company, he led Berliner Glas into the precision optics market and the manufacturing of components such as lenses, prisms and cylindrical lenses. Over the years Berliner Glas expanded to Switzerland, China and the US and grew to over 1,600 employees.

In 2002, Berliner Glas started to combine optics, mechanical components and electronics to create innovative system solutions for its customers. Customers were from industries such as medical technology, space and laser technology, and the semiconductor industry. One of the company’s semiconductor industry customers was ASML. Since 1991, Berliner Glas has been one of ASML’s partners and a long-term supplier of high-tech components for DUV and EUV lithography systems.

In November 2020, Berliner Glas and all subsidiaries were acquired by ASML. This marked a new beginning in the corporate history of Berliner Glas from family-owned company to being part of one of the world’s leading suppliers to the semiconductor industry.

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Working at ASML in Berlin

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