Bert van der Pasch, Fellow at ASML

Bert van der Pasch

An expert in position measurement systems for lithography scanners

"When it comes to a given design, all stakeholders must trust you, your design, and your explanation of why and how it offers the best solution."

Bert van der Pasch is an expert in measurement systems. His contributions have been critical to meeting ever tighter requirements for lithography systems to position the light at the right spot on the wafer to create complex integrated circuit patterns.

Bert’s contributions range from inventions in the field of interferometers used in the historic PAS platform, to the introduction of a stage positioning method used in the current DUV NXT platform, all the way to high-NA stage and mirror position measurement in ASML’s EUV systems.

Get to know Bert
  • ASML employee since 1989

  • Named a Fellow in 2008

  • Based in Veldhoven, the Netherlands

Key contributions

  • PAS stepper and scanner interferometer

  • NXT grid-plate measurement system


Stage metrology systems


Holds 86 US patents across 85 ASML patent families