Igor Fomenkov, ASML Fellow

Igor Fomenkov

Increasing the power and reliability of EUV light sources

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After completing a PhD in Physics and Mathematics at the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MPTI) in 1986, Igor Fomenkov started his career working in the field of interaction of high-intensity laser radiation with matter and diagnostics of laser-produced plasma.

Since joining Cymer in 1992 (acquired by ASML in 2013), Igor has made substantial contributions to increasing the power and reliability of lithography light sources, starting in DUV lasers and moving all the way up to the laser-produced plasma source for creating EUV light, from its early experiments to the industrial system it is today.

Get to know Igor
  • Joined Cymer in 1992, with ASML since 2013

  • Named a Fellow in 2014

  • Based in San Diego, United States

Key contributions


Lasers and plasma


Holds 153 US patents across 125 ASML patent families