Robert Socha, ASML Fellow

Robert (Bob) Socha

Improving system performance, pushing physical limits

“With the complexity of our solutions increasing, the feedback loop between ASML and our customers is key to ensure our hardware and software is targeted at solving a real customer problem.”

Working closely with leading customers, Robert (Bob) Socha uses his detailed understanding of the physics of the optical imaging system in our lithography scanners to find ways to improve the performance even further, constantly pushing systems close to their physical limits.


Bob prioritizes increasing technical expertise within ASML. In addition to his daily work on systems and alongside customers, he provides guidance to the most senior managers and is a mentor to many aspiring engineers around the world.

Get to know Robert
  • ASML employee since 1999
  • Named a Fellow in 2006
  • Based in Santa Clara, United States


Key contributions


Mathematics, physics



Holds 32 US patents across 27 ASML patent families