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Introducing “Women at ASML”

Last year a new group was formed at ASML, a group that instantly started to expand and continues to do so - both in terms of members and objectives. It's called "Women at ASML" and we asked Deena Kim, one of the group's founders, to tell us about why it was formed and how people benefit.

"We started the group "Women at ASML" in August 2013 with the initial intention to create a network where women could connect more easily with each other. This is especially important in a company that is mostly made up of men. But since then, our vision for the group has extended - we now also want to increase the visibility of women's involvement in ASML and ultimately help attract new women. We also want to encourage the ones we already have to stay here longer, by helping to define a clear and attractive career path."

"This vision is relevant for the entire company, not just for the women at ASML," explains Deena. "Bringing a better balance to our work environment will improve teamwork and shape the nature of our ‘way of working'. Our future aim is to involve men also in our initiatives and constructively address gender differences together. This balance will help make ASML a ‘Great Place to Work, Meet, Learn, and Share' for men and women alike."

What activities are planned?

Besides the group's monthly lunches in the canteen, planned activities for 2014 include:
• Supporting childcare for the parents at ASML, which is an especially important factor among working women in the Netherlands
• Inviting internal and external speakers to share their professional insight
• Implement an informal mentoring program where employees can seek and give guidance in professional growth
• And involvement in events such as the ASML Internal Career Tour and Dutch Technology Week.

"We also intend to have lots of impromptu activities, like we did on "International Women's Day", where we planned a special lunch and decorated tables with flowers and chocolates - which we shared with the colleagues around us - not only women."

How the idea started

Deena also explains: "My very initial intention was actually to form a soccer team for women but I couldn't possibly search for every woman in the company and ask them if they were interested. Then, in a half-serious, half-joking manner, my colleague suggested I make a women's group myself. So I contacted HR and Communications to ask if such a group existed and then Internal Communications (who was involved in the formation of Young ASML) contacted me and proposed to help me and my colleagues make the group. That reflects how things progress at ASML - someone has an idea, others get involved and support it, the next thing you know a brand new initiative is up and running.

To a large extent, the original motivations to connect with one another are still driving the group but the focus now is more than just on a small-scale individual level. We want to shape ASML to be a company where women want to work, and this involves both men and women.

At the moment, we have about 200 members who have all subscribed online. Almost all are Dutch women employees - mostly in Veldhoven but we also have some members from our branches in the US, Korea, and Taiwan. With the continuing growth of Women at ASML, our vision for the future is to become a self-sustainable network, improving work life at ASML and to gain support from the entire company, not only from our women."

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