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With two stages for non-stop parallel processing, the TWINSCAN platform leads the way in productivity, performance and precision.

When it was launched in 2000, the TWINSCAN lithography platform caused a revolution. Today, it is the de facto standard for volume manufacturing on 300-mm wafers. Its unique dual-stage design allows non-stop parallel processing: measuring one wafer while imaging another for maximum accuracy and productivity.

Designed with flexibility in mind, the TWINSCAN platform is based on a modular architecture. So you can tailor your system to your specific needs, adding productivity and performance enhancements as your process requirements change.

The TWINSCAN range covers the entire advanced manufacturing spectrum. At each technology step, you'll find the right tool for the job. And our continuous innovation means new tools become available at the right time.

At the top of the range are the TWINSCAN NXT:1950i and TWINSCAN XT:1950Hi ArF immersion systems, featuring our HydroLith immersion technology. Taking full advantage of the TWINSCAN dual-stage architecture, the systems "measure dry, expose wet". This gives you all the benefits of immersion lithography while maintaining the TWINSCAN platform's renowned measurement accuracy.

Both systems push water-based immersion to its limits. Their hyper NA of 1.35 delivers unrivalled depth of focus and resolution, enabling high-yield manufacturing at smaller nodes than ever before.

For the TWINSCAN XT:1950Hi, that means production at the 38-nm half node with throughputs up to 148 wafers per hour. Meanwhile, the TWINSCAN NXT:1950i's super-fine overlay and throughputs greater than 175 wafers per hour also support double patterning and make it a cost-effective solution for the 32-nm node and beyond.

But TWINSCAN innovation isn't limited to ArF immersion technology. The TWINSCAN range also features ultra-high-productivity KrF scanners providing cost-effective solutions for mid-critical layers, and i-line scanners that deliver top-of-the-range value and performance.

From ArF immersion to i-line, TWINSCAN innovation delivers more "good die per day", lower cost of ownership and ever-increasing returns on your investment.




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