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Hynix Adopts ASML’s LithoCruiser for Advanced Process Development

ASML announced that Hynix Semiconductor Inc., one of the world’s leading memory manufacturers, has standardized on ASML's LithoCruiser software for the company's process development activity.

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ASML to Deliver Advanced Resolution Techniques to SEMATECH

Semiconductor R&D consortium SEMATECH has awarded ASML a contract to qualify the imaging performance of advanced logic patterns, metrology structures and defect designs for the 45-nanometer (nm), 32-nm, and 22-nm technology nodes.
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ASML Licenses Technology to Japanese Electronics Giant Toshiba
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세계에 나가 다양한 기회를 접하다.

세계에 나가 다양한 기회를 접하다.

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‘ASML에서 일한다는 것

‘ASML에서 일한다는 것

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