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PAS 5500/850C

DUV Step-and-Scan

  • Variable 0.8-NA Deep UV Projection Lens
  • AERIAL II Illuminator
  • PAS 5500 Step-and-Scan Body
  • ATHENA Advanced Alignment Combined With Reticle Blue Align
  • Includes 20-W KrF Laser Technology with Variable Laser Frequency Control
  • Batch Streaming with ARMS

The PAS 5500/850C 248-nm Step-and-Scan system enables 110-nm mass production. Since the initial introduction of the PAS 5500/850, the PAS 5500/850 series have become the worldwide standard for both 110-nm logic and 110-nm memory applications.
The PAS 5500/850C can be configured with a number of options that enable ultra low-k
1 in manufacturing, extending application of the PAS 5500/850C well below 110 nm.


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