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  • Scanning Stages
  • Off-axis Illumination and FlexPupil
  • Wafer Alignment with SMASH and leveling with UVLS

ASML’s TWINSCAN NXE platform is the industry’s first production platform for extreme ultraviolet lithography (EUVL). The NXE:3350B is the successor to the NXE:3300B, offering 16 nm resolution with off-axis illumination as well as improved overlay and focus performance.

The NXE Step-and-Scan systems use 13.5 nm EUV light, generated by a tin-based plasma source. The systems feature all-reflective 4x reduction optics from Carl Zeiss SMT with a numerical aperture (NA) of 0.33 and a maximum exposure field of 26 mm by 33 mm.

For the NXE:3350B, off-axis illumination as well as FlexPupil will be standard.


James Liu, System Install Engineer

James Liu, System Install Engineer



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Corporate culture

Corporate culture

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Corporate Culture

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