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193-nm Step and Scan

  • For customers in Germany, this product is only available in a new and modified version, and under a different model number.
  • Vastly Improved Overlay Performance
  • 1.35-NA 193-nm Catadioptric Projection Lens
  • FlexRay Prepared Illuminator for Maximum Flexibility
  • In-Situ Metrology per Wafer Exposure with Improved Overlay and Focus Performance
  • FlexWave
  • High Productivity and Reduced Defectivity
  • Litho-Cell Stability and Performance Control
  • Computing Platform

The TWINSCAN NXT:2000i Step-and-Scan system is a high-productivity, dual-stage immersion lithography tool designed for volume production of 300-mm wafers at the sub 7-nm node.

The TWINSCAN NXT:2000i is equipped with the successful in-line catadioptric lens design, having a numerical aperture (NA) of 1.35 – the highest in the industry.

In-situ measurement and correction of optic aberrations enable maximum imaging performance for each wafer exposed when imaging at very low-k1.

Advanced in-situ metrology per wafer together with a comprehensive set of options to input off-line metrology data to the scanner enable maximum overlay, focus and CDU performance on product wafers.

By combining high productivity and excellent image resolution with unprecedented overlay and focus performance, the TWINSCAN NXT:2000i addresses multiple patterning requirements and thus provides a cost-effective solution for the sub 7-nm nodes, including cross matching with EUV based NXE scanners.


James Liu, System Install Engineer

James Liu, System Install Engineer



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