Supply Chain Graduate Acceleration Program

Launch your supply chain management career with an ASML traineeship: a full-time paid job that starts with a two-year training program

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Due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the application process for this program has been adjusted. We still encourage you to apply. Read more about our coronavirus updates here.

ASML’s Supply Chain Graduate Acceleration Program is an opportunity for recent graduates to work at our headquarters in Veldhoven, the Netherlands, at the heart of one of the largest supplier networks in Europe.

The ASML Supply Chain Graduate Program is similar to traineeships, but we allow you to specialize in a specific field instead of doing job rotations across the company.

In the Supply Chain Graduate Acceleration Program, we provide you with the opportunity to learn about a broad range of operations, from securing on-time delivery of materials and interacting with suppliers to optimizing inventory levels across our warehouses and reacting to customer demand.

Applications open

Applications for the ASML Supply Chain Graduate Acceleration Program are open until August 23, 2021

ASML Supply Chain Graduate Acceleration Program details

With the support of an ASML mentor and a professional coach, you’ll drive your personal development and strengthen your skill set.

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  • A full-time paid job

  • Two years of intensive training and development in hard skills, soft skills, and cultural skills

  • A combination of classroom lectures and on-the-job learning

  • A safe environment to experiment with what you learn

  • A close network with your fellow program participants

  • The opportunity to work alongside some of the world’s smartest engineers

  • Three candidates per class will get the opportunity to rotate across three different supply chain management departments

Sourcing and supply chain management at ASML

Our sourcing and supply chain management department is responsible for making sure that the right materials are available at our factories and customer locations – at the right cost and level of quality. Our supply chain colleagues are involved from start to finish across our value chain, managing an extensive supplier base, proactively contributing to business results with creative, collaborative solutions, and continuously improving their internal processes and way of working.

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The Supply Chain Graduate Acceleration Program is open to students who graduated less than six months ago or are in their final year of a bachelor's or master's degree program in one of the fields below.

Degree requirements

  • Supply chain management

  • Operations management and logistics

  • Mechanical engineering with a focus on supply chain management

You’ll need to receive your diploma before you start working at ASML.

Application Process

2. Selection days

We’ll let you know within three weeks of your application, if you’ll be invited to proceed to the next round: the selection days. The selection days take place on September 15 and 16, 2021.

3. Job offer

You’ll hear within a couple of days after the selection day if you’ve been chosen to receive a job offer.

Learn about the selection days

Selection days allow us to get to know you better, and they give you the chance to dive deeper into what ASML – and the Supply Chain Graduate Acceleration program – has to offer.

You’ll participate in a number of activities:

  • Watch presentations about our supply chain management departments

  • Visit the ASML Experience Center

  • Have two job interviews

  • Play a business game

  • Present your ‘elevator pitch’