Financial calendar

Our financial events

ASML regularly hosts and participates in financial events – both local and global – throughout the year to ensure current and potential investors have the most up-to-date information about our ongoing and planned activities.

Among our recurring events are the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders and quarterly and annual financial results, which are always available to our investors.

One of our most important events for current and potential investors, Investor Day brings together shareholders, other investors and analysts for a wide-ranging event that covers ASML’s current activities and strategy outlook.

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Investor day 2021

December 2023

December 5-6

Berenberg European Conference

Surrey, United Kingdom

Meetings only

Marcel Kemp, Director Investor Relations Europe


December 12

ING Benelux Conference

New York, NY

Meetings only

Peter Convertito, Director Investor Relations North America

January 2024

January 24

Q4 and full-year 2023 financial results

April 2024

April 17

Q1 2024 financial results

April 24

Annual General Meeting

July 2024

July 17

Q2 2024 financial results

October 2024

October 16

Q3 2024 financial results