In addition to dividend payments, we intend to return cash to our shareholders on a regular basis through share buybacks or capital repayment, subject to our actual and anticipated level of liquidity requirements and other relevant factors.

The following graph shows the last five years of share buyback repurchased, cumulative from initial start in 2006, in million EUR:

Share buyback history table

Full details

YearTotal amount paid (in EUR millions)Total Number of Shares PurchasedAverage Price Paid per Share (EUR)
Share buybacks2006677
Synthetic Share buybacks20071,01255,093,40918.37
Share buybacks200736017,000,00021.16
Share buybacks2008885,000,00017.52
Share buybacks201170025,674,57627.26
Synthetic Share buybacks20123,72893,411,21639.91
Share buybacks201253513,478,05839.71
Share buybacks20133004,614,17965.02
Share buybacks20147009,981,37570.13
Share buybacks20155656,272,77690.05
Share buybacks20164004,763,37883.97
Share buybacks20175003,468,737144.14
Share buybacks20181,1467,044,389162.70
Share buybacks20194101,948,808210.39
Share buybacks2020 1,207 3,908,429308.94
Share buybacks2021 8,56014,358,838596.17
Share buybacks2022 4,640 8,538,787 543.37

Previous share buyback programs

under the 2016 Market Abuse Regulation (Nr. 596/2014)

2022-2025 share buyback program

In November 2022, we announced the current up to €12.0 billion 2022-2025 share buyback program of which we expect a total of up to 2.0 million shares will be used to cover employee share plans. ASML intends to cancel the remainder of the shares repurchased. The share buyback program may be suspended, modified or discontinued at any time.

Details on the share purchase can be found in the Excel overview below:
Share buyback XLS