Become a part of global collaboration, where creativity, diversity and a dynamic work environment are celebrated.

You’re encouraged to bring your best ideas and act on them. You have the freedom, trust and support in your field to experiment and solve complex challenges. Things are rarely dull when you’re constantly breaking new ground.

Despite our fast-paced environment at the forefront of tech, we take your work-life balance and well-being seriously. A business is only as good as its employees.

Our culture

To get to the best ideas, we question everything while keeping an open, curious mind.

We know that a great idea can come from anyone, so we foster a melting pot of different backgrounds, talents and passions. We are proud of our diversity – it makes us stronger.

Our key drivers

What defines us?


We are ambitious

We set the bar high for everything we do. We trust in our ability to reach our goals, and we continuously improve ourselves, our products and processes in search of excellence.


We are committed

We persevere until we reach our goal. We get the job done because we feel a responsibility for the industry and for the communities in which we operate.


We thirst for knowledge

We are eager to learn new things and understand different perspectives. We make time to simplify what is complex, helping others to understand and contribute.


We are creative

We foster an environment where the best ideas can emerge. That means asking for and sharing opinions openly, respectfully and often.


We are rational

We measure what we do and use that data to improve our work. In our world of nanometers, details matter, so we make sure we dot our i’s and cross our t’s. We take smart risks to push our technology and business forward.

Work-life balance

The health and happiness of our employees – both at work and at home – is extremely important to us. At ASML, we support you in taking the initiative to foster your health and happiness and make the most out of your career with us.

Our Vitality program is built around four themes: Vital Body, Vital Mind, Vital Connections, and Purpose & Passion. The program provides different videos, e-learning modules, online lectures and other information to support you in staying healthy in life and at work.

Communities, clubs & events

We offer lots of opportunities to get involved in various communities and clubs when you work at ASML.

From volunteering with your local community to your favorite sport, you can get involved and build your social and professional networks.

Young ASML

Young ASML

“Our aim is to enrich the professional and social lives of ASML's young professionals.”

Women at ASML

[email protected]

“We strive to make ASML a more gender-balanced company and to create a comfortable and supporting environment.”

Seniors at ASML

[email protected]

“We support the idea of a great place to work for all employees throughout their career at ASML.”



“Our mission is to ensure that ASML is a safe and great place to work, which explicitly welcomes diversity in gender expression and sexual orientation.”

Our clubs

Soccer, basketball, sailing, motorbiking, running, cricket, music, board games, and rock climbing are just a few of our clubs, not to mention our famous robotic soccer team.

Our events

From holiday-inspired occasions to community and volunteering activities, there’s always another event on our calendar. Join us for Thanksgiving, the Summer Festival, ASML on Stage, Chili Cook-Off, Water Drive for the Homeless, and Coastal Clean-up.

Read about our corporate citizenship


Excellence recognizes excellence. We offer highly competitive compensation and benefits packages to attract and retain the very best talent. We want you to share in the success you help build.

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ASML compensation and benefits in the Netherlands

  • Competitive salary

  • 13th month payment

  • 8% holiday allowance

  • 40 days paid leave: 27 vacation days and 13 ADV days ( reduction of working hours)

  • Variable pay

  • Employee share purchase plan

  • Pension plan

  • Collective health insurance plan

  • Commuting allowance

  • Reimbursement for relocation expenses

  • Training and development opportunities, including educational assistance through our Global Training and Studies

 Differences based on salary grade may apply

ASML compensation and benefits in the US

  • Competitive salary

  • 13 paid holidays

  • Paid vacation and sick days

  • Performance-based variable pay plan

  • Long-term incentive plan for outstanding performance

  • Employee share purchase plan

  • 401(k) retirement savings plan with matching employer contribution

  • Comprehensive health and welfare benefits package

  • Employee referral bonus

  • long-time service award

  • Vacation sell-back program

  • Relocation assistance, available for certain roles 

  • Training and development opportunities, including educational assistance through our Global Training and Studies

ASML compensation and benefits in Asia

  • Competitive salary

  • Paid vacation and other time off

  • Performance-based variable pay plan

  • Long-term incentive plan for outstanding performance

  • Employee share purchase plan

  • Comprehensive health and welfare benefits package

  • Life insurance and retirement savings plan

  • Employee referral bonus

  • Long-time service award

  • Training and development opportunities, including educational assistance through our Global Training and Studies program

Development opportunities

We want to invest in you and your personal development.

We strongly believe that personal development works best when you invest in yourself. At ASML, we give you the time, opportunity and support while you put in the effort, passion and drive.

Professional development and personal growth occur when you know why you do it, what you want to achieve, and when you are the one in the driver’s seat.

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We offer three career paths: you can specialize technically, become a manager, or grow into project management. We also encourage you to gain experience across departments and regions.

Driving your own development is easier said than done. It starts with clarity on what skill or behavior you would like to develop – it's your choice. This is followed by motivation to make a change, bolstered by feedback from the people close to you and structured with a concrete development plan that we can suggest.

ASML has various tools in place to support you in driving your own development. We offer a broad range of learning interventions, ranging from classroom training to personal coaching, online assessments to business simulation games, and  computer-based training to potential acceleration programs. Our employees learn through their preferred methods, either self-driven or classroom-based. After all, we believe you know best how you learn best.

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