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With 14 customer support sites, two factories and three R&D centers, ASML in the US is an important development and manufacturing hub serving global chipmakers such as Intel

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The US at a glance

With R&D and manufacturing centers on the West and East Coasts, and offices near all our local customers such as Intel, the United States plays an integral part in helping to advance ASML’s holistic lithography product portfolio.




Customer support centers


Manufacturing factories


R&D sites

“In order to be successful, my job requires me to think outside the box, inside the box, and everywhere in-between.”

Edgar Ruballos

Electrical engineering team lead

San Diego, California

Picture of Edgar Ruballos

Military veterans at ASML

Military veterans possess valuable experience and skills that are in high demand at ASML. Find out why ASML is a great place to work for veterans looking for fulfilling careers post service.

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ASML compensation and benefits in the US

Health and welfare benefits

  • 85% average employer-paid medical and dental benefits, with a range of options for employees and their eligible dependents
  • 100% employer-paid vision benefits, basic life insurance

Incentive plans

  • Annual short-term plan for all employees
  • Long-term stock plan available for eligible employees

Employee share purchase plan

  •  20% employer-paid premium available after first year of participation 

401(k) match

  • ASML provides a generous employer match with immediate vesting

Work-life balance

  • Paid time off, minimum 39 days of time off/year (vacation and statutory holidays), scaled based on tenure
  • A flexible workplace policy supporting work-life balance

Vacation sell-back program

  • Cash out unused vacation time

Family benefits

  • Paid parental leave
  • Adoption assistance (up to $10,000)
  • Milk shipment for new mothers required to travel
  • IVF Coverage (up to $10,000)

Reward & recognition

  • Peer-to-peer thank you program (gift cards)
  • Awards of scaled value granted to employees who reach milestones (beginning at three years)

ASML-sponsored programs

  • Employee Assistance Program available to employees for counselling and confidential support
  • Relocation assistance including (situation dependent) an allowance, approved time-off and support to get settled

Training and development

  • Tuition reimbursement to support career growth and development
  • Diversity and inclusion trainings and workshops

Our technology in the US

Our regional expertise is as diverse as our landscape, offering a multitude of technical challenges and growth opportunities. Whether its exploring fundamental physics, chemistry and computer science problems to pioneer new technology or perfecting world-class products, the diverse, multi-disciplinary US teams do it all.

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Mechatronic systems

A completely magnetically levitated stage accelerates at more than 15 g, more than three times the g-force experienced by a fighter jet pilot at takeoff, up to a constant velocity of more than three meters per second. It positions the chipmaker’s reticle (blueprint of the chip pattern) within fractions of nanometers in all six degrees of freedom at full speed.

Wilton mechatronic systems 02

EUV light source

The droplet generator is the heartbeat of the EUV light source, delivering a steady stream of 50,000 liquid tin droplets per second, which fly at more than 241 kilometers per hour in a vacuum vessel. Each droplet – whose size is a fraction of the thickness of a human hair – is individually imaged and targeted by two high-power CO2 laser pulses, generating a plasma that emits EUV light.

EUV source

High-performance computing

Today’s chips have billions of transistors, built up layer by layer with extreme precision, requiring the imaging of tens of billions of patterns that must be simulated and optimized within 24 hours – it’s an enormous, time-sensitive task. We harness the power of tens of thousands of computing cores to quickly process full chip blueprints – all without sacrificing accuracy.

HPC applications

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