ASML student careers in the Netherlands

Launch your career at ASML. Discover a world of opportunities for vocational (mbo), bachelor’s (hbo) and master’s degree students and new graduates.

Complete your vocational, bachelor's or master's degree internship or graduation assignment at our global headquarters in Veldhoven – our biggest R&D and manufacturing site.

At ASML, we’re not just another tech company. We’re a growing community of passionate technology innovators aiming to change the world, one nanometer at a time. 

Tap into a world of opportunities for students and new graduates that will help launch your career by offering you practical work experience, expert guidance and a diverse team that collaborates across borders and cultures. At ASML, you’ll find a place to belong. 

What's your profile?

Are you a student or fresh graduate looking for their next step? Check out below opportunities at ASML that match your prolife.

Vocational/ MBO

Discover our work-study programs to gain hands-on experience or look for a job opening that matches your skills. 

Bachelor's/ HBO

Explore our exciting internship opportunities and work-study programs, as well as our early career programs or a vacancy that fits your field of study. 


Benefit from our scholarships or find your dream internship. Opt for our early career programs or look for jobs in line with your ambition.


Are you a PhD or on track to become one? Discover our early career programs or attend one of our PhD Master Class. Prefer to apply for a job? Check out our vacancies.

ASML career events in the Netherlands

Want to know more about ASML? Join one of our events, designed to help you familiarize yourself with our technology and understand our unique culture of innovation. and network with peers and like-minded professionals.

Hop on a virtual reality tour of our Veldhoven campus!

Curious about what life at ASML is really like? You now can discover how we work, play and thrive, through an exclusive VR experience full of games and challenges.  

Take a tour of our Veldhoven campus in the Netherlands and learn more about the employee services our teams enjoy, the sports we love to do, what we like to eat, and where we socialize with other colleagues.  

Access the experience by simply clicking the link below or by scanning the QR code with your phone.

ASML at university campuses

We join job fairs and organize lunch lectures and other activities at universities so that students can learn more about ASML on their ‘home turf’.

Get in touch with our campus promoters (student ambassadors for ASML) on your campus to find out more! They can answer any questions you might have about ASML, upcoming events, or internship and scholarship opportunities.


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