As a global technology leader and employer, we play an active role in the communities we operate in, because when the community thrives, we thrive.

Being part of a community means not only caring for our own employees but also looking out for those beyond our organization. We foster close community ties and encourage our employees to get involved and do their part as well. Our community engagement program is built around three areas: education, culture and local outreach.


We recognize the need to prepare people for an increasingly digital future, and the importance of technical education in helping all children reach their potential.

We organize and sponsor numerous initiatives that aim to share our enthusiasm and expertise in technology to inspire future generations. For example, our volunteer technology ambassadors give guest lessons in educational settings to promote STEM studies, and we regularly welcome pupils to our premises. And via our new Hybrid Teaching Initiative, ASML employees swap the cleanroom for the classroom in schools and universities across the Netherlands.

We also partner with multiple educational events that promote the opportunities and potential of careers in technology, such as Dutch Technology Week and FIRST.

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Culture is the invisible bond that ties the people of a community together. To strengthen that bond, ASML supports initiatives and organizations that are vital for the community’s culture and help open them up for newcomers.

Couple in front of a church in Nuenen

For example, we partner with the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam and Van Gogh Brabant (see the press release). Our experts are helping to find new ways to preserve paintings by Van Gogh, who, like us, hails from the Brabant region of the Netherlands. And we are initiating the realization of 'Vincent's Lightlab' within the planned expansion of the Vincentre Museum in Nuenen, where visitors will be able to discover what light is and how Van Gogh experimented with it in his paintings. 

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Local outreach

We want to play our part in the communities we operate in. We support initiatives and organizations that help strengthen the local community, stimulate integration and above all promote diversity.

Kid in PSV shirt in hospital bed

For example, in 2019 we became a sponsor of PSV as part of a group sponsorship from leading Dutch companies under the collective name of ‘Brainport Eindhoven.’ The local soccer club is important to the people of Eindhoven and also aims to be a uniting force for community and wellness. Together we share the ambition to strengthen the national as well as international appeal of the region and have also set up the Brainport Eindhoven Partner Fund to support those who are struggling locally.

Our global volunteering program encourages our employees to become more involved in their local communities. And by supporting food banks and local initiatives we aim to create a positive change in the communities in which we operate.

Supporting communities during the coronavirus crisis

We have received many requests for help from governments, health organizations, educational institutions and others. In response, we have donated tens of thousands of masks and other personal protective equipment to local crisis teams.

We have offered engineering expertise for the development of medical equipment and components. And we have donated hundreds of tablets to local nursing homes to keep loved ones connected, and laptops to schools to keep children in education while at home. Find out more about how ASML is helping.

Apply for support

We always welcome new opportunities to sponsor activities, initiatives or organizations that align with our three community engagement areas of education, culture and local outreach.

Find out more about our criteria and how to submit your application for support.


For more information on our community engagement program, please contact: [email protected].