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Help solve some of the most complex problems in technology today.

Looking for a summer internship in tech? Join one of our science and engineering internships in California, Oregon or Connecticut.

If you'd rather intern during the school year, our co-op program allows you to work for ASML during the academic semester or quarter.

Summer internships

Imagine using the information you’re learning in college to work on high-tech equipment and help solve today's most complex problems in technology. At ASML, you’ll do just that. Our summer US internships are offered as three-month-long science and engineering positions, available in San Diego and San Jose, California; Hillsboro, Oregon; and Wilton, Connecticut. This summer, we switched to offering online internships.

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Your time, energy and skills are valuable to us. ASML interns are compensated on an hourly basis based on the level of education they have completed.

US internship requirements

In order to apply for a US internship at ASML, you must be currently enrolled and taking classes at an accredited university or college program. Students who have not yet graduated from high school, but have dual enrollment with a college, are not eligible.

Graduate and PhD students may also apply. If you are graduating from an undergraduate program, you must be able to produce documentation that you have been accepted to a graduate program at the time of the completion of your undergraduate degree.

You must also:

  • Have a minimum GPA of 3.0
  • Be a college-level junior or above
  • Be at least 18 years old at start of program
  • Provide proof of authorization to work in the US

Co-op programs

The ASML Co-op Program gives students the opportunity to work for ASML during the academic semester or quarter. A co-op is a partnership between higher-education institutions and employers to provide real work experience to full-time students.

The ASML Co-op Program is flexible: you could start as a summer intern and move into the co-op program in the fall, or you could co-op during the spring and become a summer intern. As you work with us, we work with you.

Read about allowances and requirements

Co-ops are compensated at an hourly rate, which is based on the academic degree level, and qualify for vacation day accrual during the program.

Co-op application requirements
  • A minimum GPA of 3.0
  • College-level sophomore or above
  • Must be attending an accredited college or university and be in good standing

To receive school credit for the co-op, students should apply with the school’s co-op advisor.

Two co-ops cannot be completed back-to-back. You must take a semester break between your first and second co-ops.


Contact our internship coordinators for more information about our US internships and graduation projects. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept open applications.

See what our interns have to say

Paul Rozzi, Cornell University student

“Every college student should try an internship before being dropped into the industry. I particularly enjoyed being at ASML because everyone was helpful and accommodating.”

Jenna Metera, UC San Diego student

“My team helped me to grow professionally, academically, and scientifically – all in just three months! I look forward to future opportunities with ASML.”

Tara Chan, Georgia Tech student

“This remote internship was one of the most rewarding and enriching summers I’ve ever had. Even sitting across the country, my team made me feel like I was truly part of a community.”