Arts & culture

Supporting initiatives and organizations that celebrate and strengthen the culture of our communities, through the arts

Culture is an invisible bond that ties the people of a community together. The arts are culture made visible.

By supporting various local organizations and initiatives, ASML helps to strengthen those bonds while building awareness and appreciation of these communities’ cultural expression.

Van Gogh Museum and Van Gogh Brabant

We partner with both the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam and Van Gogh Brabant to help preserve the paintings and heritage of Vincent Van Gogh, who, like ASML, hails from the Brabant region of the Netherlands. As part of the partnership, we are helping to expand the Vincentre Museum in Nuenen, where visitors will be able to discover light and Van Gogh’s experimentation with it in the all-new Vincent’s Lightlab.

Van Gogh partnerships
Van Gogh painting

Photo: Jan Kees Steenman

GLOW light art festival

Because light is key to our work, we are a main partner and sponsor of the annual GLOW light art festival. A free event in Eindhoven enjoyed by members of the Brainport community, including our own employees, GLOW displays the works of famous national and international light artists throughout the city center over one week in November. The festival welcomes more than 700,000 visitors annually. Not only do we commission an artist to create a piece of art to be displayed alongside other artists’ work during the festival, we also organize special events – such as guided tours in various languages – for international colleagues living in the Netherlands to help them feel at home and part of the local community.

For GLOW 2021, our own engineers have collaborated with a local artist to create a very special art object that reflects the technology inside a lithography system. Read the story of 'Drop of Light', our 2021 installation.

The Muziekgebouw Frits Philips Eindhoven

We also partner with the main Eindhoven concert hall, which offers a wide selection of musical events and education. Once a year, the employees of ASML take to the stage at Muziekgebouw Eindhoven, filling the hall with a diverse range of music genres – reflecting the diverse nature of the company – with our special annual event, ASML on Stage.

The stage is for everyone. In partnership with Muziekgebouw Eindhoven, we want to put the spotlight on passionate people from our Brainport community in the Netherlands. Spotlight welcomes people from across the Brainport region to take to the Muziekgebouw Eindhoven stage to celebrate the arts, express their passion in a performance, and learn from talented artists. Spotlight is one way we are giving back to our community and proving that everyone has something to offer. There are limited places available, so make sure you register your interest in this unique opportunity.

Find out more about Spotlight and register