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Each year, 25 of the best technical master’s degree students from across the world studying in the Netherlands are selected to receive the ASML Technology Scholarship.

Recipients get financial support for both years of their master’s degree, a personal ASML mentor, and the opportunity to participate in a professional development program that prepares them for life after graduation.

ASML Technology Scholarship

This scholarship is open for students from all nationalities who are planning to pursue a technical master’s degree at a university in the Netherlands.

What you get
  • Financial support of €5,000 per year for each of the two years of the full-time master’s degree study

  • A personal ASML mentor to guide you in your personal development

  • A two-year professional development program

  • Introduction to ASML’s business, specialists and knowledge

Development program

You’ll receive 11 training sessions during the technology scholarship period. Six times a year, we’ll invite you to visit our global headquarters in Veldhoven for a full day of activities, including mentor meetings and training sessions that focus on professional development skills such as personal leadership, communication and collaboration.

During the second year of the program, training sessions will prepare you for life after graduation. These sessions cover ASML case studies, career training, and support that will give you the tools you need to make the right choices for your future in engineering.

Be a technology ambassador

We ask all engineering scholarship students to complete a ‘technology ambassador project’ during their scholarship program.

This entails sharing your enthusiasm about technology and science with a target group of your choice. For example, you may choose to give guest lectures at schools, post videos on scientific topics, or help underprivileged children with a technology project.

Who can apply?

The ASML Technology Scholarship is open to students who are planning to pursue a technical master’s degree at a Dutch university.

We’re looking for students with at least a 7.50 average grade score who participate in extracurricular activities that show a drive for personal development and achievement.

Students who have recently or almost completed their bachelor degree but intend to pursue a master’s degree at a university in the Netherlands are encouraged to apply for the ASML Technology Scholarship.

Relevant engineering study fields
  • Aerospace engineering

  • (Applied) Physics or astronomy

  • Computer science or software engineering

  • Electrical engineering

  • Materials science

  • (Applied) Mathematics

  • Mechanical engineering

  • Mechatronics or systems and control

  • Nanotechnology, nanoscience or nanomaterials

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“The ASML Technology Scholarship makes me more self-aware and capable, both on a personal and a professional level.”

Shruti Kestur

ASML Technology Scholarship recipient


Get answers to the most frequently asked questions about the ASML Technology Scholarship in the Netherlands

Read the FAQs

I have already started my master’s degree in engineering. Can I still apply for a scholarship?

The ASML Technology Scholarship in engineering is open to all students who start their master’s degree program in the same year that they submit their scholarship application. For example, if you start your master’s degree studies in February 2020, you can still apply for the scholarship in 2020. However, if you started in September 2018, you are no longer eligible for the 2019 scholarships.

Note: those who begin their master’s degree program with a full-time extracurricular activity such as a student team are still eligible and can apply a year later, when they begin their full-time master’s degree study.

What happens if my study progress is delayed?

If you drop out or take a significant break from your studies, we will unfortunately have to discontinue your scholarship. However, if you experience a delay because you are pursuing a double master’s degree or have extra courses or activities, your scholarship will not be affected.

I plan on doing extracurricular activities that will take up most of my study time. Can I still apply?

If you are planning on starting the academic year with extracurricular activities that will take up more than 50% of your time, such as joining a student team or acting as a board member of a student association, we ask you to hold your application until the year when you expect to start your full-time master’s degree study. Keep in mind that you will still be eligible even if you’ve already completed some master’s-level courses.

Are the scholarships open to foreign or exchange students?

Yes, students from all nationalities who are pursuing a master’s degree in the Netherlands can apply for our scholarships. Please note that the funding provided by the scholarship is not sufficient to cover international tuition fees. In addition, you are required to personally attend the June assessment days if selected; travel costs are not reimbursed.

I want to study abroad (outside the Netherlands). Am I still eligible?

Our scholarships are only open to students pursuing a master’s degree in the Netherlands. However, if you plan on doing a foreign internship or exchange program for a maximum of four months while also pursuing a master’s degree in the Netherlands, you can still apply.

Is the training program obligatory?

Yes, we expect you to attend the training sessions. Valid reasons for being absent include illness, foreign internship and exams. We do our best to plan the sessions outside exam periods.

Who can I contact if I still have questions?

For further information, please contact our scholarship coordinators.

Technology Scholarship application process

2. First selection round

We’ll let you know by May 1 if your resume has been selected. If you’re selected to proceed to the second round, we’ll ask you to record and submit a video cover letter (motivation video).

3. Selection days

The technical selection board will review your resume and video. We’ll let you know whether you’ve been selected to attend one of our two selection days on June 12 or June 19 at our headquarters in Veldhoven.

4. Scholarship offer

We’ll let you know between June 22 and 26 if you’ve been selected to receive an ASML Technology Scholarship.