How to apply for a grant for your educational initiative or training program through the ASML Foundation.

Criteria for funding

At the ASML Foundation, we believe that education is the key to unlocking the potential of young people. That's why we support effective education and training programs, in locations where we work, that match this goal. If you have an educational or training project that you’d like the ASML Foundation to support, first check it matches our funding criteria below:

Type of organization: NGO. We prefer to fund Dutch NGOs with partners in the country where the project takes place or with local NGOs in a country where ASML operates.

Target: Disadvantaged young people aged 4-18.

Location: Europe, Asia or the US. We focus on the countries in which ASML operates. We do not support projects in countries where ASML does not work, except when an employee seeks support for a project or organization they are actively involved in.

Program: Educational or training programs that will have a demonstrable positive impact on the wider community. Programs are focused on practical and academic subjects, such as STEM, language training and business courses, which allow participants of the program to apply knowledge they have gained in further studies or career paths.

Results: A measurable improvement in opportunities for program participants and local communities.

FAQs related to grant applications

Do you support worldwide requests for donations?

The ASML Foundation mainly supports projects in Asia, Europe and the US, with a preference for countries where ASML operates. These include the Netherlands, Belgium, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, China, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Israel and the US states in which ASML operates.

How long do you generally support a project?

We prefer to support long-term projects, typically for three to five years. This ensures their continuity and increases the likelihood that they will also benefit the wider community over time, rather than just the project participants.

What types of projects do you support?

We provide financial support to educational projects that increase the self-reliance of children or young people who have reduced chances in life. These can be projects that either provide education where there is none available, or address the specific educational needs of the targeted groups. In addition, their impact should extend beyond the participants into their local communities.

What types of projects are not supported?

Because the ASML Foundation receives requests to support many programs around the world, we have limited our scope to only include certain types of projects. We do not fund the following types of programs:

  • Individual persons and families

  • Welfare activities

  • Disaster-related activities

  • Humanitarian relief projects

  • Religion-related activities

  • Projects that exclude certain groups or individuals, for example based on their religion

  • Political causes or organizations

  • More than 30% of salaries or operational expenses of projects

  • Art- and culture-related projects, including music or dance

  • Construction projects

  • Projects in Africa or South America

  • (Fundraising) Events

  • Scholarships

How many times can we apply for a grant?

There is no formal limit to the number of projects you can apply for, as long as they meet our criteria. However, you should also consider other sources of finance rather than rely solely on us. We will take this into account when we assess applications.

Will you grant the full amount requested?

We take several factors into account when we determine the size and duration of the donation. These include measurable milestones, availability of other financing sources, and the requested amount in relation to the total budget of the project.

What do you expect from grant recipients?

Our terms and conditions are included in a Donation Agreement, which you must sign before the ASML Foundation makes the donation. Our requirements include that:

  • you only use the grant for the project as described in the accepted proposal

  • we receive regular evaluation reports from you on the project’s implementation and status (before payment of each installment and at the end of a period).

What are the requirements for the evaluation reports?

The reports should contain at least the following information:

  • The status of the project compared to the initial proposal

  • The status of the budget versus the initial budget

  • The way our donation was used

  • How many children or young people the project has reached

  • How the community has benefited from our donation

  • The plans for the project for the next donation period (in cases requiring an evaluation report before each installment)

  • The final status of the project compared to the initial proposal (for the end evaluation)

Does the ASML Foundation only provide financial support?

The ASML Foundation mainly supports projects through financial grants. When possible, we also provide volunteers (ASML employees). In addition, we can provide IT-related hardware. We do not provide operational support – our role is primarily as a financial sponsor.

How to apply for a grant

Download the form below to apply for support. Please make sure you answer all the questions. Email the form and any additional supporting documents to [email protected].