How to apply for a grant for your innovative project or program through the ASML Foundation.

Criteria for funding

At the ASML Foundation, we believe that education is the key to unlocking the potential of young people. That's why we support effective education and training projects and programs, in locations where we work, that match this goal. If you have an educational or training project that you’d like the ASML Foundation to support, first check it matches our funding criteria below:

Type of organization: NGO or other organization focused on the areas mentioned above. We prefer to fund Dutch NGOs or not-for-profit organizations with partners in the country where the project takes place, or local NGOs in a country where ASML operates.

Target group: Underrepresented groups in the countries where ASML operates, such as lower socio-economic communities or people who are neurodiverse, with a specific focus on young people.

Location: Europe, Asia or the US. We focus on the countries in which ASML operates. We do not support projects or programs in countries where ASML does not work, except when an employee seeks support for an initiative or organization they are actively involved in.

Program: Educational or training, that will have a visible positive impact on the beneficiaries and the wider community. It should focus on building core educational knowledge, 21st century skills (communication, cooperation and digital) and promoting lifelong learning for young people in need.


It should be inclusive and sustainable, should contribute to an equitable society, and should allow beneficiaries to gain long term knowledge and skills for a brighter future. The program or project should have a positive and long-lasting impact on participants and their community. In addition, we support education initiatives that address urgent societal issues.


We prefer to fund projects or programs that seek to make long-term and systemic changes, focus on knowledge sharing and apply best practices. The project or program should not be created with the intention of profiting from the ‘ASML’ brand, nor should it be designed to match this criteria.

Results: A measurable improvement in participants’ skills and knowledge, and an improvement in opportunities for participants and their communities.

Additional information can be sent to [email protected].