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EUV Challenge

Play our EUV (extreme ultraviolet) technology challenge and discover why ASML is the right tech company for you

Compete against other students in this fun game that will give you a glimpse into the world’s most advanced chipmaking technology.

Are you up for a challenge?

Can you finetune 16 EUV mirrors in just 180 seconds? Join ASML at our upcoming career fairs in the US to play the EUV Challenge and learn how our machines use lasers and mirrors to function. Upon completion, not only will you win a prize, but you’ll also get to meet with ASML recruiters and hiring managers to see if we’re the right company for you!


See our upcoming tour dates below.

EUV Challenge upcoming tour dates


Spring tour dates coming soon!

University of California San Diego

San Diego State University

University of Arizona

Arizona State University

Curious to know more about the EUV Challenge before it comes to your campus?


Learn how to play and about the different levels in this video.

If you can’t attend an EUV Challenge, learn more about ASML’s internships and other career opportunities.