What’s life like at ASML?

A glimpse of our work culture and what you’ll discover as part of our team, from well-being to development and more

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Supporting you to make a difference

ASML plays an active role in the communities we operate in

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You can make a positive social impact at ASML. We know that being part of a community means caring not only for our employees but also for the people we’re connected to outside our organization.


Volunteering is good for business and it feels good too. That's why all ASML employees are encouraged and able to take eight working hours each year to lend a hand as a volunteer. Some of our employees volunteer with programs that the ASML Foundation supports. Employees foster rewarding positive community ties through volunteering, and many also volunteer in their own time.

Here's a glimpse of how you can contribute at ASML.

Technology promotion STEM kids girl teenager robot engineering

Supporting technology education

We live in an increasingly digital society. Through local activities, our aim is to help people of all ages and backgrounds to develop their skills, shape the digital future and to take full advantage of its potential.

A network of ASML volunteers support school-aged children, either as part-time (‘hybrid’) teachers, as tutors of disadvantaged children, or as technology and STEM promoters. Employees also volunteer as technology ambassadors, giving lectures in educational settings or hosting students who visit ASML campuses. Other employees help older people boost their digital confidence as part of Welcome Online.


Find out more about our education program

Meet Suze, manufacturing engineering team lead and volunteer tutor

“I immediately loved the idea of tutoring underprivileged children and wanted to join, I think I was the first person to sign up! What the children need most is to build confidence through feedback, and hear if they are doing something right or wrong. Most of the parents cannot give that. Over time, I can see their self-confidence growing, which gives me energy.”

Suze Verbruggen, manufacturing engineering team lead and volunteer tutor

For example, we partner with the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam and Van Gogh Brabant. ASML engineers involved in this partnership are sharing their expertise to help restore and preserve important works of art.


Find out more about our arts & culture program


Promoting sports, arts and music initiatives to boost community culture

We support initiatives and organizations that are vital for the community’s culture and help make them accessible to everyone.

Meet Maria, project lead with ASML’s Van Gogh research project

“It’s a diverse partnership with many institutions involved, which makes it exciting and fun. I’m fascinated by the commonalities and differences between making tools and techniques for making semiconductor chips, and how these can be used for conserving art and art pieces. That’s exciting.”


Our local outreach activities include collecting winter coats for people in need, distributing Christmas presents for children from financially disadvantaged families and supporting an online vitality program for the Brainport Eindhoven community.

Find out more about our local outreach program

San Diego Food Bank - Food Sorting Night

Local outreach

We aim to have a positive influence in the communities in which we operate. Through our volunteers supported by ASML, we’re focused on strengthening local communities by supporting local initiatives.

Matching Gifts program

We amplify the impact of our employees’ charitable actions by supporting the causes they feel passionate about. Our Matching Gifts program gives employees a voice in the distribution of ASML's financial contributions to qualified organizations.

For ASML employees in eligible countries, we match their donations to nonprofit organizations euro-to-euro up to a cumulative amount of €10,000 per employee, per calendar year.

Meet Bob Socha, ASML Fellow and Matching Gifts program participant

“Charitable giving and volunteering are very important to me – in addition to volunteering my time, I donate annually to my favorite non-profits. With ASML’s Matching Gifts program, I can increase the impact of my donation through the company match. It feels good to know that my company will support the causes I care about.”

- Bob Socha, ASML Fellow

Portrait_for_fellow_wall (1)

To nurture innovation in new generations, we foster entrepreneurship in local technical talent, helping young enterprises to excel and grow. Experts from within ASML mentor and share their in-depth competencies and knowledge with startups and scaleups.

5T3A5812 (1)

Support for startups

We have never forgotten that it’s our startup mentality – innovative, adaptable, purpose driven – that has helped us grow to be an industry leader. We also haven’t forgotten that the startup phase can be hard.

Meet Patrick, senior research director and startup supporter

“They (young entrepreneurs) often like to chat with me – their calls are for example, ‘what IP do we have to protect’. There are also very real technical challenges – preferences between scanning with a neutron beam or something else. They see ASML as having experience in almost everything, so they are looking for one contact person to be able to call and ask for advice.”


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Find your people

Robotics soccer teams, groups for young and old, and everything in between – ASML networks and clubs offer something for everyone

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Our employee-led networks and clubs foster a supportive environment and enhance a sense of belonging in our workplace.

Making connections through our communities

Besides being a great way to socialize with colleagues, getting involved with a group can help build your professional network while doing something you are passionate about.

Around the world we have various networks and clubs tailored to local interests. These groups each have a collective theme, but are open to all – whether you identify personally with the theme or are simply interested to learn more or to support the group’s efforts.

Below you’ll find an overview of some of our popular groups.

If you are sustainability conscious

The Green network at ASML focuses on reducing and reversing the environmental impact of both our company and individual employees. Through regular events and newsletters, our employees are promoting sustainability leadership and responsibility.

As part of Green, you can join a project or start your own initiative. Existing activities include global clean-up days and monthly talks from professionals. Other green initiatives include a switch to compostable coffee machine cups, and a flight CO2 compensation program. With support from Green, you can even identify and measure how your personal performance can contribute to ASML’s sustainability targets.

Camille, Nick and Tom, Green board members

“Green was formed by people with a shared mindset to take action on improving our company’s sustainability. It’s great to meet people from all over ASML, learn about what they do regarding sustainability and collaborate with them. I get to see the energy that our colleagues have to challenge our operations daily, and to work with so many people that are enthusiastic about sustainability and driven to improve ASML in this aspect.”

480A5060 SMALL
If you want to connect with people in different career phases

We have several networks for people in different stages of their life to connect with each other. Whether you are at the start of your career or nearing retirement, you’ll find a group where you can share knowledge and keep developing yourself. The best part is that these groups are not age-specific – no matter your age, you are welcome to join!

Next is a thriving community of professionals who share ideas and network with colleagues from diverse backgrounds. As a member, you can join, lead and contribute to initiatives such as management lunches, lectures, workshops and trainings.

Seniors is a group that supports colleagues throughout their career, and shares knowledge through mentorship, informal gatherings and events.

Lenette business process analyst and board member of Seniors

Lenette, business process analyst and board member of Seniors

“Seniors doesn’t stand for ‘old’ or ‘management’, but for ‘experienced’. Our network focuses on work-life balance, sustainable employability and preparation for the next stages of life. I enjoy organizing lectures on these topics.”

Sander Next community member

Sander, Next community member

“Through Next, I’ve learned to find my way in our growing organization. I’ve also been able to get to know other enthusiastic people who are motivated to make ASML an even better place to work.“

If you’re an advocate for diversity and inclusion

Being yourself at work includes feeling safe to express your uniqueness, particularly with regard to sexual orientation, gender identity and cultural expression. Employees in our BIPOC (black, indigenous and people of color) and LGBTIQ+ groups champion diversity that builds a strong and unique ASML DNA.

The mission of our networks like Proud and SHADES is to ensure that ASML is a safe and great place to work, which explicitly welcomes diversity. As a member of one of these groups you’ll be connected with like-minded people, participate in events, and learn from your colleagues through knowledge sharing and stories.

Charnay, senior people services leader and SHADES chair

“I was inspired to get involved with the SHADES employee network because I see it as an active way to positively influence the BIPOC experience at ASML and beyond.”

Screenshot 2021-07-07 151101
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If you want to be inspired by women at ASML

Gender diversity is a concern in our industry. We recognize the need to recruit, retain and empower women and gender-diverse people at ASML. Women and WAVES are creating a strong, connected group of women and other colleagues, with the goal to see an increasing balance in leadership roles. We've been working hard toward that goal and we're already seeing some positive results, but we still have work to do. Overall, in 2022 the total percentage of women working at ASML is 19%. Across our sales functions, the percentage of women in management positions is 23%. In 2022, the percentage of inflow of women in leadership levels in all areas grew to 35%, well above our intended target of 20% by 2024. You can also join groups for parents, where you’ll be able to connect with fellow ASML parents and find useful, practical information like nursing room locations and how to utilize parental leave policies.


No matter who you are, you are welcome to join Women and WAVES to network, build your technical and soft skills through workshops, and be part of a team advocating to and cooperating with leadership. As part of the ASML team, you’ll be able to join groups led by your colleagues that are striving to make ASML a more balanced company and a truly great place to work, meet, learn and share.

Annelieze, system qualification group lead and board member of Women

“Being part of Women has been really beneficial to me in the sense of building connections with different people. It’s taught me how to have an impact beyond my job description. It is amazing outlet for my passion for helping others and creating a gender-balanced and inclusive environment at ASML.”

If you want to connect with other parents

Through the Parents network you'll be able to meet fellow ASML parents, support one another and share practical information, and promote family-friendly policies including:

  • Locations of ASML’s breastfeeding/lactation facilities
  • ASML’s arrangements with local childcare facilities
If you’d like to be part of our neurodiversity network

People with a form of neurodiversity (for example, those on the autism spectrum) are highly valued at ASML, as we know the importance of analytical thinking, good logic, creativity and out-of-the-box thinking. Atypical brings together the many people at ASML who are neurodiverse and provides a space to be understood and connect with others.

This network hosts events like café sessions, as well as talks that anyone in ASML can join to hear about the experiences of someone who is neurodiverse. And, as part of these groups, you can also become an ambassador – spreading the word about neurodiversity and being a champion for inclusivity at ASML.

Read our story about the Atypical network.

Arnout, supplier audit support and Atypical board member

“It might feel scary to be open about your neurodiversity but, in the end, doing so can open doors. Our network makes it easier for everyone to share their experience. I am also an ethics liaison, so anyone who is neurodiverse and feels they are not being treated fairly can come to us and we will support them. Our goal is an ASML where neurodiversity is embraced, so we will not be necessary anymore.”

Business Course-TMZ-83
If you’re a veteran looking for camaraderie and support

Military veterans possess valuable experience and skills that are in high demand at ASML. Many veterans have found fulfilling post-service careers in tech at ASML. In the US, our Veterans employee network provides outreach to veterans and their families in the form of scholarships, professional development, military speaker series and networking opportunities. ASML partners with ACP (American Corporate Partners), a nonprofit organization that assists veterans in their transition from the armed services to the civilian workforce through free mentorships. Many of our ASML veterans have been paired as mentors with transitioning service members.


Read our story about veterans at ASML.

Christopher Lopez, senior Customer Support portfolio manager and Veterans chair

“Connecting veterans together has provided a sense of purpose; whether that be to work on a project, share stories or create development opportunities. In addition, it has given me a greater appreciation for the different veteran experiences and what we can learn from each other.”

Christopher Lopez, senior Customer Support product portfolio manager and ASML Veterans employee network chair.
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Sports and hobbies

Beside our formalized groups, we have a wide range of sport and hobby clubs that you can join. Soccer, basketball, sailing, motorbiking, running, music, board games, and cricket are just a few of our clubs, not to mention our famous robotic soccer team.

If you don’t discover a group based on your interests, you can always create your own. With thousands of colleagues in your local area and around the world, it's easy to connect with people who have the same interests as you and colleagues outside of your department while having fun doing something you love.


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Bringing bright minds together

Inspiration, education, entertainment – there’s loads to discover at our ASML events

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We gather together at events to connect and collaborate – from an annual technology conference to a music festival featuring our very own talented employees.

The meeting is an opportunity to connect, reflect and celebrate the past years’ achievements. ASML leadership share key company developments and the strategy for the year ahead. In ‘normal’ times, thousands of ASML people attend the live event in Veldhoven, with colleagues gathering in locations around the world to follow the live web stream.

In February 2021, nearly a year into the COVID-19 pandemic and working almost exclusively from home, we wanted to not only inform our colleagues but to reconnect and come together again. With that in mind, the virtual All Employee Meeting was created – complete with a DJ, a virtual reconstruction of the main plaza in our Veldhoven campus, polls and live questions from participants to the speakers.

AEM 2019-TMZ-14

All Employee Meeting

With tens of thousands of colleagues all over the world, our annual All Employee Meeting is a major event on the ASML calendar.

Technology Conference

Nowhere is the powerful impact of ASML’s R&D more tangible than at our annual Technology Conference. What started out 22 years ago as a knowledge-sharing event among engineers has become one of the world’s largest technology insights and innovation conferences.


In 2020, the event went virtual for the first time and this year we got the best of both of worlds by combining online and in person events to connect nearly 10,000 ASML employees, thought leaders and key partners from all over the world.


Lunch with leadership, technology talks

Beyond our larger events, there are plenty of events each week that you can join.

These events – with small groups in a more informal setting – are a chance to share, learn and get to know both the personal and professional side of ASML’s leaders. Want to meet our CEO or other member of the executive committee in an intimate get-together? You can sign up for a virtual coffee or lunch where you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions and gather insights.

Or would you like to hear from an influential ASML innovator? You simply need to keep an eye out on our intranet to sign up for the latest lecture, coffee talk or event.


Tech Talks

Regular Tech Talks give you the opportunity to hear guest speakers share the latest developments, insights and achievements on a wide variety of technology subjects.

From the sustainability of energy sources to the societal implications of robotics, these talks spark new ideas and inspire employees to view their challenges from a different perspective. Watch this video to see one of our most recent talks.

ASML tech talk
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ASML on Stage

Have you got a musical talent? ASML on Stage is our yearly music festival starring talented ASML employees.

Everyone can bring family and friends to enjoy the performances that cover music and dance of all genres and styles. In the Netherlands, ASML on Stage is hosted in the Muziekgebouw Eindhoven. ASML supports this venue and co-organizes events and programs that target diverse audiences.


The ASML Bingo Show

We’re making bingo cool again, through a global online event for the whole family.

With the global pandemic affecting all of us, fun has been in short supply over the past few months. To raise each other’s spirits, we hosted the ASML Bingo Show for employees and their families. Participants from all over the world experienced music, fun and – of course – an exciting game of Bingo, with prizes including theme park tickets and gift packages. Watch this video of the event.

ASML bingo show
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Van Gogh virtual tour

Many of our events involve partners of ASML.

For example, as part of our long-standing partnership with the Van Gogh museum and Van Gogh Brabant, the virtual museum doors were opened for ASML employees worldwide to enjoy an exclusive tour.

During this live event, colleagues explored the life and work of the world-famous painter from Brabant, the region where the headquarters of ASML is located. The museum’s art historians walked us through the galleries, sharing the stories behind the masterpieces. ASML employees can re-watch this tour any time.

Van Gogh paintingImage by: Jan Kees Steenman

Local events in Asia

IMG_4366 -New Year and year-end celebrations

The countdown to the Lunar New Year is a time for joy and celebration across our offices in Asia. Past celebrations have included performances, award ceremonies, lucky draws and banquets.

Leadership event AsiaLeadership meeting

In some countries within Asia, leaders of ASML gather annually to celebrate the past year and set priorities for the coming one. Attendees hear from country managers and connect with their fellow colleagues.

sports and family day TaiwanSports and family days

These unmissable events, with different schedules each year, are a fun opportunity to get active together. Employees, with a mix of fun team and individual activities.

187515713_150819850420013_3572367636278759956_nFestival in the Park

In Taiwan, ASML hosts an annual picnic in the park for employees to relax and spend a day with their family and colleagues.

Local events in the Netherlands

GLOW-EindhovenGLOW Eindhoven art festival

Enjoy this annual immersive experience of light art and design. We organize tours for employees and their families, where you’ll also see ASML’s very own sponsored piece.

ice skating event NetherlandsIce skating

If the season is just right, you can take part in the Dutch tradition of skating over the beautiful canals, ponds and lakes. Join our ice skating club to attend classes and outings.

PSV clinics ASMLPSV clinics

PSV soccer club hosts sports clinics where ASML people can learn from the best.

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Drive your development

We provide the flexibility and support, you put in the effort and passion

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There are endless opportunities to learn at ASML. We’ll help you identify what you want to achieve, while giving you the freedom to be in the driver’s seat of your development and personal growth.

We’ve experienced unprecedented growth over the past five years. To put this in context, if you started with ASML in 2015 you would have had around 14,680 colleagues. These days, a new hire is one of more than 29,000 people working for ASML across the globe.

To manage this growth and maintain our technological leadership, we need to ensure the right knowledge is available to our people at the right time.


Invested in you

Developing our people is crucial to the sustained success of our business. In an innovative, high-tech, fast-changing industry like ours, it’s vital to strengthen and continuously invest in you.

Getting up to speed

We know that the complexity of our products means that new (and even existing) employees can face steep learning curves.

This is why onboarding at ASML is so important. We dedicate significant effort to the onboarding process, including offering you interactive and engaging courses to kick-start your career with us. And you won’t be alone. From your first day, you’ll be connected to a ‘buddy’ – someone from your team who’s familiar with ASML and able to help you find your way within the company.

As your journey with ASML evolves, you’ll never stop learning. We have our own technical development centers for employees from development & engineering,

customer support and manufacturing departments.


Steer your own career

Driving your own development is easier said than done. It starts with clarity on what skill or behavior you would like to develop.

This is followed by motivation to make a change, bolstered by feedback from the people close to you and structured with a concrete development plan that we support.

The days of a linear career are behind us. That’s why with ASML, rather than a career path, you’ll have a career playground. We encourage you to gain experience across departments and regions, connect with colleagues with different expertise who you can share and learn with, and ultimately develop your own skills and passions.

You’ll also have the freedom to pursue any one of our more defined career tracks: you can specialize technically, become a manager, or grow into project management. Examples of ASML’s employee development programs include 

senior architect master classes (SAM) and JUMP.

Internal career festival

Development also includes having direction and aspirations.

Once a year, we host a career festival for our employees. This festival connects current employees to other departments in ASML, showcasing the variety of opportunities open to you as an employee. It’s also an opportunity to build your network within ASML, fostering connections beyond your direct team.

ASML Technology Conference  Engineer presents her technical poster48573
Meet Hans Liu, group lead

“I have worked in a range of exciting roles. From software developer, to architect, to project lead and group lead, and on products that include our DUV systems as well as our most advanced EUV systems. I get to play with robots and lasers and be challenged – all while growing my career!”

Hans Liu

Blended learning

Most of our trainings take place on the job, given the nature of our innovative and collaborative business. We promote the 70-20-10 approach for your learning, meaning that 70% of your learning will be on the job, 20% through coaching, and 10% through training courses.

We offer a broad range of learning interventions, ranging from classroom training to personal coaching, online assessments to business simulation games, and computer-based training to potential acceleration programs. Our employees learn through their preferred methods, either self-driven or classroom-based. After all, we believe you know best how you learn best.

How you learn and develop at ASML is up to you, but it might include learning Lean and Agile working methodologies, participating in courses on conflict management or design thinking, or diving into change management.

In some regions, you’ll be able take advantage of what we call a ‘Permanent employability day’ – one day a year where you can work exclusively on your own personal development, whatever that means to you. On this non-work day, agreed on with your manager, you’ll be freed up to work on your training, development or health.



To strengthen your personal development, you can request support form a personal coach.

Coaching is a social form of learning that is less structured and more self-directed than a traditional training-based approach.

While many of our coaches are based in the Netherlands, they are able to provide virtual coaching. We are also building up a global coaching pool for all the other regions.

Our coach pool comprises both external and internal people, all who are certified and can guarantee your confidentiality.

BvOF 2019_0920_AWK - ASML campus life Plaza

“A few years ago, I felt like I was walking in circles because of perceived blockages and limitations. After talking to a coach, I was better able to recognize what made me happy and what didn’t. I am now much more decisive, which allows me to grow again. I am very grateful to my coach and to ASML. I feel much more balanced now.”

Ron, mechanic and coachee

Team development

We are all about teamwork. Teams that are high performing are better equipped to solve complex issues, make the right decisions and come up with top class solutions.

That’s why we offer a toolkit including team interventions, development journeys and diagnostic tools to help our teams self-assess, set goals, and identify areas to develop and improve. Having access to these tools will help you collaborate, appreciate your team and build a sense of belonging – where challenging and caring for each other is a way of life.

EUV trainer explaining to trainees_48558

Leadership development

To remain a market leader, we have to provide unified direction. This means we need strong and authentic leadership to give our people a clear picture of where ASML is heading.

As a leader at ASML, you will have support to assess and develop your leadership abilities and to identify which areas may benefit from additional focus. You’ll also have the opportunity to attend our Annual Global Leadership Conference, along with around 3,000 other leaders and people managers within ASML.

We also offer leadership programs where we fast-track the careers of our most promising managers through our Potential Acceleration Program. These programs ensure our managers are aware of what’s expected of them, and help them develop the skills and competencies they need to become better leaders.


Code of Conduct in our employee performance management system

Our values (challenge, collaborate and care) have been translated into a set of common behaviors (dos and don’ts) describing how we should act, underpinned by our Code of Conduct. The values and behavioral expectations are integrated into our annual performance management approach.


Our people are requested to set yearly goals aligning with our values from the perspectives of both their team and as an individual. Throughout the year, our employees and managers discuss conduct regularly and are encouraged to request feedback on their behavior from their colleagues and stakeholders (360 degree feedback). At the end of the year, our people are evaluated and structured appraisal questions about our values are included in a year-end feedback form.*


In each step, employees are directed to information about our culture and values content on our intranet via direct links in our Human Resources system supporting our performance management process.


By integrating our values into our employee performance evaluations, we provide a consistent approach in addressing behavioral expectations and ensuring adherence to our Code of Conduct as part of our annual performance management cycle.


* Examples of questions included in our feedback form about behavioral expectations aligning with our values:


How did you demonstrate behaviors that align with our values (challenge, collaborate and care)? How could you have better demonstrated behaviors aligning with our values? Provide examples.


For people managers: How did you demonstrate behaviors that align with ASML’s leadership standards (role model, coach, people leader and business leader)? How could you have better demonstrated behaviors aligning with these standards? Provide examples.

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Team_GettyImages-104329773 cropped
Well-being at ASML – Healthy, happy and thriving

At ASML we value high-performance individuals with a strong focus on well-being. Your health and work-life balance come first, and we support you in achieving your true potential and staying happy and thriving.

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“People are the real strength, the very heart, of ASML. Understanding the importance of a good work-life balance, your physical and mental health and well-being are important points on our agenda.”

Peter Wennink, President and CEO
Peter Wennink

Your well-being at ASML

Care is a core value at ASML and in terms of well-being it means we support you in leading a healthy, productive and balanced life. This way you can achieve your true potential and stay happy and thriving. After all, we can only succeed as an organization when everyone on the ASML team can give their best.

Our well-being program and its ambassadors are focused on ensuring you have all the resources you need to thrive. You can attend a variety of well-being events focused around mental and physical health.


Well-being pillars

We have identified four well-being dimensions, including physical, mental, social and financial. Discover more about the four dimensions of a balanced life and how we support you in safeguarding or promoting each of them according to your needs.

Mental well-being

Mental health encompasses our emotional, behavioral and psychological well-being – how we feel, act and think. It determines how we handle stress, make choices and contribute to our family and community.

Physical well-being

Physical health includes everything about the normal functioning of the body. It’s about your nutrition, physical fitness, and sleep. Maintaining a healthy body allows us to get the most out of our daily activities without undue fatigue or physical stress.

Social well-being

The social aspect relates to the relationships we form with other people, which are vital for our mental and emotional well-being. From socializing with colleagues to maintaining healthy personal relationships, it emphasizes our need to connect to others. At ASML, you’ll find a variety of communities like Atypical and Green, focused on bringing people together for a common cause.

Financial well-being

Financial health is important for an overall balanced life and directly contributes to your overall well-being. Money problems may impact mental health and add stress to your relationships.


Our well-being offerings

At ASML, we offer holistic support on well-being matters for all employees globally. This includes well-being training and masterclasses, on-campus events and online workshops.

Our Veldhoven campus in the Netherlands has a dedicated well-being center. There you can enjoy the services of a physiotherapist and a psychologist by booking a physical or mental health check. In addition, you’ll have access to a gym, a yoga room and a running track. We’ve also set up an Employee Assistance Program that offers confidential support to everyone facing personal or professional challenges.


We support you with your physical health by organizing group activities for our teams, free yoga classes and even endorsing marathon runs. We also support your nutrition education with free courses and offer healthy food choices on-campus.


Our well-being portal, accessible by all employees globally, offers a variety of resources that target mindfulness, social intelligence, stress management and time management. Employees can use a dedicated app where they can see all well-being events happening on campus and online, such as yoga classes, workshops and lectures on well-being. Certain regions also have access to a well-being app that offers meditation and mindfulness coaching.


You can also connect with others through our partnerships. For example, in the Netherlands, you can join a 12-week well-being program with our friends at PSV soccer club.


Work well, live well

Mental health is just as important as physical health. However, taking care of your mind isn’t always as straightforward. Discover some of the simplest, most insightful tips from our company psychologist to help you navigate your own mental wellness at work, in life and beyond.

An illustration of a man relaxing while using his own hand as a pillow.

A positive work environment

A great working environment is key to well-being and productivity. At ASML, we offer resources and equipment to help you set up a healthy workspace from wherever you are working.


Our campuses around the world are inspiring places to work. In Europe, Asia and the US we have bright, open-plan offices, with good air quality and ergonomically designed workspaces. You’ll also find secluded spaces to help you focus, meeting rooms to foster collaboration, and comfortable break rooms.

Hybrid working

Collaboration and innovation are in our DNA. We love to collaborate in person and connect with our colleagues, but we also want to maintain flexibility. Therefore, we offer a policy that allows you to combine working from the office with remote working.

Want to preview the well-being resources you’ll have access to with ASML?

Check out this episode from our well-being series in collaboration with PSV, where the club’s lifestyle coach Pablo Botermans shares his top well-being tips.

Screenshot 2021-07-07 120211
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ASML employee working at his laptop in the Veldhoven plaza
Sharing success, recognizing excellence

What your compensation and benefits package could look like as an ASML employee

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Excellence recognizes excellence. We want to attract and retain you – the very best talent – and for you to share in the success you help build. As an ASML employee, you’ll receive a highly competitive package.

What’s behind the benefits

ASML pushes the limits of what’s possible every day, and we need the best and brightest minds from around the world to do it.

We want you to join ASML to be part of progress. And we want you to stay, because you feel your individual contribution is recognized and rewarded.


Therefore we provide an attractive compensation and benefits package such as a competitive salary, incentive plan, flexible working hours, remote working arrangements, part time working options, maternity, paternity and other care leave.

Benefits/perks may vary depending on the nature of your employment with ASML and the country where you work.

Fair and balanced remuneration

We aim for global consistency in our remuneration policies, but naturally we also respect common practices and benchmark ourselves in the local markets where our employees are based.

You’ll see this reflected in variations of our compensation and benefits packages from country to country (detailed below). We annually assess gender pay parity, to ensure that we continue to provide fair and equitable salaries.

ASML_H2_Research_lab_VDH_April2021-09 v2

Find out what your compensation and benefits could be in the different countries where ASML works.

ASML compensation and benefits in the Netherlands*
  • Competitive salary
  • 13th month payment
  • 8% holiday allowance
  • 40 days paid leave: 27 vacation days and 13 ADV days (reduction of working hours)
  • Variable pay
  • Pension plan
  • Collective health insurance plan
  • Employee share purchase plan
  • Commuting allowance
  • Reimbursement for relocation expenses
  • Training and development opportunities, including educational assistance through our Global Training and Studies program

ASML compensation and benefits in the US*

You will receive a competitive and comprehensive total reward package when you join ASML in the US. This includes generous health and welfare benefits, performance-based variable pay plans, long-term incentive plans for outstanding performance, and personal development opportunities to encourage career growth. See the full list of benefits.

ASML compensation and benefits in Asia*
  • Competitive salary
  • Paid vacation and other time off
  • Performance-based variable pay plan
  • Long-term incentive plan for outstanding performance
  • Comprehensive health and welfare benefits package
  • Life insurance and retirement savings plan
  • Employee share purchase plan
  • Employee referral bonus
  • Long-time service award
  • Training and development opportunities, including educational assistance through our Global Training and Studies program

*Differences based on salary grade may apply

Meet Burcu, scrum master in the Netherlands

“For me, ‘vacation days’ really mean ‘family’. As I’m living abroad, this amount of vacation days means that – in normal times – I’m able to visit my parents regularly. It’s a comfort to know that I can be with them whenever they need me.”


Relocation support

If you are an 'international local hire' – in other words, you were hired to work in a different country or state than where you currently live – ASML will support the relocation of you and your direct family members (spouse and children).

We’ll provide support for immigration, travel, shipping personal belongings, cultural awareness and language training, and tax advice. And, of course, you and your family will have support from us as you settle in.

If you’re in the Netherlands but living far from Veldhoven, we may be able to provide financial assistance to help you move closer to the action.

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