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Java developer jobs at ASML

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We’re seeking people with all levels of Java software engineering know-how. You’ll work with several technology stacks, from backend to frontend.

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As an ASML employee, you’ll receive a competitive compensation and benefits package including a 13th month payment, performance-based variable pay and 40 days paid leave. You’ll also get 8% holiday allowance and can choose to join our attractive share purchase plan.

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We’d like you to have experience in:

  • developing server-side software using object-oriented paradigm.
  • solving complex design and problems and translating them into modern, elegant, and simple solutions.
  • creating automated unit and integration tests using mocks and stubs.
  • working in Scrum, preferably within the SAFe framework.


You should be familiar with some, or all, of the following technology stack:

  • Git repository, Git workflow
  • CI/CD DevOps tools (e.g. Bitbucket, Bamboo or similar)
  • Microservice architecture
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How will you use Java at ASML?

The way you’ll work with Java at ASML is unique: Here, there are no borrowed patterns or published designs to use.


Most people think that only embedded software is relevant for a machine production company like ASML. But ASML has large software departments where people work with Java, C#, .NET, big data, algorithms and UX design to develop innovative software solutions. We use Java to create tools that provide insight into the chip manufacturing process. As one of our Java developers, you’ll mainly use Java to develop Litho InSight. This is custom-made software with a user-friendly interface that our customers (the world’s biggest chipmakers) can use to optimize their chipmaking processes.


Java is also used for our diagnostic tools. You’ll use Java to further develop these tools that analyze logs and data produced by ASML lithography systems. Diagnostic tools help our customer support engineers get insights into the cause of distortions in the chipmaking process.

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You and your team will be responsible for requirement engineering, design, implementation, testing and integration. Working Agile, you’ll safeguard the quality of delivered software by applying clean code principles, improving test approach, and speeding up qualification of team deliverables.


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