ASML partners with Van Gogh Brabant and Van Gogh Museum

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Announcement - VELDHOVEN, the Netherlands, July 2, 2019

High-tech company ASML enters into long-term partnership with Van Gogh Brabant in Nuenen and the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, where Van Gogh's search for color and light meets state-of-the-art technology.


"Vincent van Gogh was from Brabant, and was a rebel and an innovator. Light inspired him and it was central to his work, just like it is at ASML," says Peter Wennink, President and CEO of ASML. “This collaboration gives us the opportunity to help connect and preserve the Van Gogh heritage in Amsterdam and Brabant and to share our knowledge with a wider audience. "


‘Vincentre’ Museum Nuenen

Vincent van Gogh painted his first masterpiece in Nuenen in 1885: "The Potato Eaters". It was the result of an intensive search for perspective and light that characterizes his Brabant period. By linking Van Gogh’s life story to the innovative Brainport region, ASML and Van Gogh Brabant are able to further enhance the appeal of the region. This collaboration contributes to the realization of the planned extensions to the Vincentre Museum. In addition, ASML will initiate the realization of the ‘Vincent’s Lightlab’ within the expansion of Vincentre Museum. Here, visitors from young to old discover what light is, how important it is in the world around us and how Van Gogh experimented with it in his paintings. The expansion of the museum and the opening of Vincent's Lightlab are planned for early 2021.


Frank van den Eijnden, director Van Gogh Brabant / Van Gogh Sites Foundation: “I am proud of this collaboration with ASML. It confirms the relevance of Vincent Van Gogh as an inspirer and innovator and shows what Brabant excels in: craftsmanship, collaboration and innovation. Thanks to the expertise and power of ASML, we can take Vincent Van Gogh's heritage into the future.”


Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam

ASML is committed as a main partner for a period of five years to the Van Gogh Museum, as a ‘Partner in Science’. Adriaan Dönszelmann (business director of the Van Gogh Museum): "We are delighted and honored by this collaboration and look forward to working with this fantastic company."


An important part of the Van Gogh Museum’s mission is the management and preservation of the Van Gogh collection. ASML will support the museum with research into this conservation, which will ensure that future generations will be reached and inspired by the life and work of Vincent Van Gogh and his contemporaries.


In addition to a substantial financial contribution – including for research and restoration – ASML will allocate a team of researchers to support the museum with research focused on the conservation of the collection. The collaboration also focuses on enabling educational activities. A PhD research position and/or university chair will be made available, and ASML will support the museum in offering and further developing educational materials for primary and secondary schools.


Brabant and Amsterdam

The Brabant connection will be highlighted in the Van Gogh Museum: the room housing the painting "The Potato Eaters" (painted in Nuenen in 1885) will be renamed the "ASML Gallery".

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