ASML Special Applications division introduces high-productivity PAS 5500/150 i-line lithography system

Press release - Veldhoven, the Netherlands, October 10, 2000

ASML's Special Applications division (ASML SA) today introduced a new i-line lithography system for 0.35-micron imaging, designed to assist customers as they transition from manufacturing technologies above 0.5 micron to tighter resolutions.

The PAS 5500/150, successor to the popular PAS 5500/100 i-line system, is optimized for high-volume semiconductor production. With this addition to its product portfolio, ASML has three products to cover the range of 0.5-micron to 0.25-micron imaging requirements: the PAS 5500/150, the PAS 5500/250 i-line tool, and the PAS 5500/300 deep UV system.

"We are pleased to offer this new PAS 5500TM i-line stepper optimized for volume production applications at 0.35 micron," said Eduard Hoeberichts, vice president and general manager of ASML SA. "We expect this product to be very popular for customers which are transitioning to sub-half-micron manufacturing, and for those interested to add additional i-line capacity at 0.35 micron."

ASML's newest stepper incorporates the new Starlith 150 lens from Carl Zeiss, ASML's optics partner and lens supplier. The PAS 5500/150 features an AERIAL Illuminator, which enables the user to optimize process latitude using conventional illumination. The system has a throughput of more than 110 wafers per hour for 150 mm wafers and more than 80 wafers per hour for 200 mm wafers – productivity specifications that are 10% higher than the predecessor PAS 5500/100 system. A Productivity Enhancement Package (PEP) will be available for this tool to further increase throughput to more than 120 wafers per hour for 150 mm wafers and more than 90 wafers per hour for 200 mm wafers. The PAS 5500/150's design similarities with other ASML products provide excellent opportunities for implementing mix-and-match lithography strategies, thereby lowering manufacturing costs per good die. The modular system architecture also allows an easy upgrade path to ASML imaging systems with resolutions below 0.35 micron, extending the life of the tool. The PAS 5500/150 will begin shipping during the first quarter of 2001 and has a list price of €3.5 million.

About ASML

ASML, founded in 1984, is a world leader in advanced lithography systems that are essential to the fabrication of integrated circuits. ASML Special Applications is a business division of ASML offering leading-edge imaging solutions to customers with application-specific lithography requirements. These include manufacturing of silicon semiconductors such as linear, power and mixed-signal ICs; thin-film heads (TFHs) for disk drives; gallium arsenide and other compound semiconductors; and other specific lithography applications. ASML SA also offers a broad range of upgrade and option programs for customers using g-line and i-line technology. ASML is publicly traded on both the Amsterdam Exchange and on the Nasdaq Stock Market under the symbol ASML. Visit the company's website at for more information.

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