Numerical Technologies to license ASML MaskTools patented scattering bar technology

Press release - SAN JOSE, California, January 15, 2002

ASML MaskTools, Inc. ('MaskTools') (Euronext Amsterdam NV.and Nasdaq: ASML) and Numerical Technologies, Inc. (Nasdaq: NMTC) today announced that they have entered into a licensing agreement that will provide semiconductor manufacturers with easier access to subwavelength manufacturing solutions that incorporate MaskTools' patented scattering bar technology. Under the agreement, Numerical gains the rights to provide software solutions that incorporate scattering bar technology, and becomes the first external licensing partner to directly offer a scattering bar production license to semiconductor manufacturers on behalf of MaskTools.

"Scattering bar technology complements our offering of subwavelength manufacturing solutions very well," stated Atul Sharan, senior vice president of marketing and business development at Numerical Technologies. "We are committed to providing our customers with a complete portfolio of solutions that will enable them to successfully produce subwavelength silicon with maximum yield and minimum impact to their design-to-silicon flow. Scattering bars are a valuable addition to this portfolio."

"Numerical's decision to license our technology for implementation in their software products is a clear endorsement of the growing adoption and use of scattering bars across the industry," stated Dinesh Bettadapur, president and CEO of MaskTools. "With their market penetration and production technology licensing experience, they are well positioned to further the adoption of scattering bars by semiconductor manufacturers."

By enabling the design of sub-resolution features on a photomask, MaskTools' scattering bar technology can enlarge the process latitude and increase the manufacturing yields for integrated circuits with 180 nm feature sizes and below. These sub-resolution features also increase the depth of focus of the imaging process in the wafer fab. Scattering bar technology may be used in conjunction with Numerical's proprietary phase-shifting technology, which is rapidly gaining adoption as semiconductor companies extend the life of optical lithography well beyond the sub-wavelength barrier.

About ASML

ASML is one of the world's leading providers of advanced technology systems for the semiconductor industry. The company offers an integrated portfolio of lithography, track and thermal systems mainly for manufacturing complex integrated circuits. Headquartered in Veldhoven, the Netherlands, ASML is traded on Euronext Amsterdam and Nasdaq under the symbol 'ASML'.

About ASML MaskTools

ASML MaskTools, Inc. is an ASML company based in Santa Clara, California. The company provides optical extension solutions to the semiconductor industry. These solutions are delivered through a variety of software and analytical products and through an experienced applications engineering team. Optical extension technologies enhance photolithography process latitude, thereby improving IC yields in manufacturing. These technologies are becoming essential as optical lithography is continuing to be used for volume IC manufacturing below the wavelength of the exposure light source.

About Numerical Technologies

Numerical Technologies, Inc. (Nasdaq: NMTC), ranked as one of the 100 fastest growing technology companies by Forbes ASAP and the number one best small electronics company in Electronic Business, develops and markets proprietary technology, software tools and services that enable the semiconductor industry to produce subwavelength integrated circuits, i.e., integrated circuits with components smaller than the wavelength of light used to create circuit patterns on silicon. Numerical's products and industry alliances form a comprehensive design-to-silicon solution that enables the creation of smaller, faster and more power-efficient semiconductors using available manufacturing equipment. Numerical's customers include the world's leading semiconductor companies, design automation tool vendors, semiconductor equipment suppliers and photomask manufacturers.

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