PSV and ASML expand partnership

Collaboration leads to ASML Community Lounge, education programs that seek to strengthen Brainport

announcement - The Netherlands , June 10, 2021

ASML and PSV are expanding their partnership with a number of initiatives to showcase Brainport’s leadership in technology and innovation. These new initiatives aim to bring the community of Brainport together as well as enhance the region’s standing as an excellent location for local and international talent.


ASML Community Lounge

Opening by September 2021, the new ASML Community Lounge in the Philips Stadium will offer ASML employees and the Brainport community a private space to gather and enjoy the match and new experiences. The space will serve as a venue for various events, inviting community members such as children facing hardships as well as beneficiaries of the Salvation Army, Food Bank and other aid agencies. The ASML Community Lounge will also host welcome events for those new to the region, helping them feel at home more quickly.


Data-driven innovation

PSV and ASML have been working closely together to analyze performance data collected during training sessions and matches. PSV's trainers, together with ASML's data analysts, have developed a unique model that allows PSV to convert the data into concrete training methods. The initial results are already being applied on the soccer field. The two organizations will continue to work on new models and forms of advanced data analysis over the next few years.


Caring for the region

ASML and PSV are collaborating with other large companies in the region to further strengthen the health and socioeconomic climate of Brainport. One such result is an online vitality platform, which provides thousands of employees from regional companies with tips and exercises to help them lead a healthier lifestyle. Interactive teaching programs have also been developed to encourage schoolchildren to explore and learn more about the world of technology.


Smarter and stronger together

Toon Gerbrands, general manager of PSV: “Collaboration characterizes our Brainport region. By joining forces with ASML and other large companies based in the region, we are building a unique football club as well as a living and working environment that leads the world in the development and application of technology. ASML's expertise in this field is enormous and unique in the world. We, the staff and players, all benefit from this knowledge on and off the soccer field, and are convinced that it will be of even greater value to both PSV and society as a whole in the future. The partnership with ASML is of enormous value to us. The support and commitment we receive from the company is wonderful.”


Lucas van Grinsven, head of Communications & Community Engagement at ASML: “ASML is doing well, and we owe that in part to the community in which we operate. We would therefore like to give something back. PSV serves as a bridge builder in the community, and together we want the region to flourish. The ASML Community Lounge at the stadium aims to make soccer accessible to everyone, to help newcomers find their place in our region and to enable people lacking the means to enjoy an evening of top-class sport."

About ASML

ASML is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of chip-making equipment. Our vision is a world in which semiconductor technology is everywhere and helps to tackle society’s toughest challenges. We contribute to this goal by creating products and services that let chipmakers define the patterns that integrated circuits are made of. We continuously raise the capabilities of our products, enabling our customers to increase the value and reduce the cost of chips. By helping to make chips cheaper and more powerful, we help to make semiconductor technology more attractive for a larger range of products and services, which in turn enables progress in fields such as healthcare, energy, mobility and entertainment. ASML is a multinational company with offices in more than 60 cities in 16 countries, headquartered in Veldhoven, the Netherlands. We employ more than 28,000 people on payroll and flexible contracts (expressed in full time equivalents). ASML is traded on Euronext Amsterdam and NASDAQ under the symbol ASML.

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