European Chips Act – ASML position paper

ASML hopes position paper will contribute to the discussion in Europe on the proposed Act

Announcement - VELDHOVEN, THE NETHERLANDS, February 8, 2022

Today, February 8, 2022, the European Commission presented and published the new proposed European Chips Act. The Act aims to support an increase in semiconductor R&D and production across Europe in response to rising demand, to build on existing strengths and to reduce dependency on suppliers outside Europe.


ASML has today published a position paper that presents the company’s views on what a European Chips Act could and should deliver on, in view of increasing Europe’s semiconductor relevance within the global value chain.


This position paper was written in close consultation with customers, suppliers, partners and other stakeholders. ASML welcomes and strongly supports the European Commission’s ambitious proposal for a European Chips Act. In ASML’s view, the Act needs to secure Europe’s relevance in the global semiconductor ecosystem by focusing not only on increasing microchip production capacities, but also on the capabilities and performance of European products and technologies that other parts of the world rely on.


ASML hopes this position paper will contribute to the discussion in Europe, as the European Chips Act progresses through the legislative process in the months to come. ASML looks forward to continuing its interaction with governments and other interested stakeholders.

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