Announcement - Veldhoven, the Netherlands, January 28, 2023

It is our understanding that steps have been made towards an agreement between governments which, to our understanding, will be focused on advanced chip manufacturing technology, including but not limited to advanced lithography tools. Before it will come into effect, the measures will have to be detailed out and implemented into legislation, which will take time. As a reminder, our business in China is predominantly directed at mature nodes.


At this point, it is not possible to make any statement about the process going forward and on the medium and long-term financial, organizational and global industry-wide impact of new export control regulations. Based on what has been said by government officials and our understanding of the timelines of the legislative process and the effective dates of the different provisions, in combination with the current market situation, we do not expect these measures to have a material effect on the financial outlook that we have published for 2023.


While these rules are being finalized, ASML will continue to engage with the authorities to discuss the potential impact of any proposed regulation in order to ensure the impact on the global semiconductor supply chain is properly assessed. Meanwhile, ASML’s business activities globally will continue. What we need now is stability and reliability in our industry to avoid further disturbances in the global semiconductor industry.

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