Statement regarding Dutch government's export control regulations announcement

Announcement - Veldhoven, The Netherlands, June 30, 2023

Today the Dutch government has published the new regulations regarding export controls of semiconductor equipment. As announced earlier in March, the new export controls focus on advanced chip manufacturing technology, including the most advanced deposition and immersion lithography systems.


Due to these export control regulations, ASML will need to apply for export licenses with the Dutch government for all shipments of its most advanced immersion DUV lithography systems (TWINSCAN NXT:2000i and subsequent immersion systems). The Dutch government will determine whether to grant or deny the required export licenses and provide further details to the company on any conditions that apply.


As a reminder, sales of ASML’s EUV systems have already been restricted.


Shipments of other ASML systems are not controlled by the Dutch government.


ASML will continue to comply with applicable export regulations, including Dutch, EU and US regulations.


The new Dutch export control regulations will come into effect on September 1, 2023. ASML can start submitting export license applications before that date. The Dutch government will grant or deny these applications on a case-by-case basis.


Based on today’s announcement, we confirm that we do not expect these measures to have a material impact on our financial outlook that we published for 2023 or for our longer-term scenarios as communicated during our Investor Day in November 2022.


In this regard, it is important to consider that the additional Dutch export controls only pertain to the TWINSCAN NXT:2000i and subsequent immersion systems.


In addition, ASML’s longer-term scenarios are primarily based on global secular demand and technology trends, rather than on detailed location assumptions.

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