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Work-study jobs in the Netherlands

Complete your vocational (mbo) or bachelor (hbo) education on the job through one of ASML’s work-study assignments (BBL and duaal leerwerkplaats)

Explore the world of high tech in a two- to three-year assignment (mbo) or a four-year assignment (hbo) at ASML’s global headquarters in Veldhoven, the Netherlands.

Let us invest in your future

Get paid to work and study at the world’s supplier to chip manufacturers.


We’re looking for vocational (mbo) and bachelor (hbo) students like you to help us build some of the most complex machines on the planet.


In this program, you’ll work four days at ASML and study one day per week. Most of our work-study vacancies are currently in precision manufacturing in our factory cleanrooms, but we also have opportunities for management assistants and employees in HR areas such as people services. Your particular assignment will depend on your studies.

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"My learning and working position at ASML offered me a safe, hands-on environment in which I could experiment and develop. It also allowed me to discover whether ASML would be the right place for me to continue my career. I'm happy to say I seized this opportunity and I continue to be part of the company, now that I've graduated."

- Alexandre Medeiros de Oliviera, former learning and working student and current employee

Alexandre Medeiros de Oliviera
Challenging workChallenging work

Work at the world’s leading provider of lithography equipment for the semiconductor industry.

Mentoring and guidanceMentoring and guidance

A mentor will help you get up to speed and make the most of your time at ASML.

Multidisciplinary collaborationMultidisciplinary collaboration

With over 120 nationalities and countless different backgrounds on campus, you’re bound to learn something that sparks your interest.

A kick-start for your careerA kick-start for your career

We pay for your education and provide a standard salary while you get to try your hand at working in the fascinating world of high tech.

Read our most frequently asked questions about work-study jobs at ASML.

Work-study jobs at ASML
Will I receive an ASML contract after I complete my work-study (BBL or duaal leerwerk) assignment?

We can’t guarantee that you’ll receive a contract to continue to work for us after you complete your assignment, but if the experience was mutually positive, we’ll do our best to find a place for you at ASML.

Why are work-study jobs outsourced at ASML?

We work with experienced professional organizations such as Technicum because they have developed tailored programs designed to help you achieve your education goals.

Please note that not all training programs are offered throughout the year.

What happens if I have a problem during my assignment?

Depending on the issue, you can decide to ask your ASML mentor or manager, or you can get in touch with your contact person from Technicum or a talent engagement specialist from ASML and we will help you resolve the problem.

Can I also learn about topics outside of my assignment that interest me at ASML?

ASML’s headquarters in Veldhoven, the Netherlands is extremely diverse in terms of knowledge, nationality and background, so there will be plenty of opportunities for you to learn new things and meet new people.