An engineering playground

With the hundreds of sensors and actuators in our lithography systems, ASML is a playground for mechatronics engineers.

You’ll get to both dive in and zoom out, focusing on our precision machines and their overall control. Tackle exciting challenges by using just the right mix of mechanics, electronics, software and optics.

Adam, mechatronics project leader

Our mechatronics engineers collaborate with specialists from different fields and make it work together.

Adam Kohl mechatronics project leader US
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Niels, mechatronics architect

Watch our mechatronics engineers and architects as they think outside the box – and see those ideas come to life.

mechatronics architect
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Marcel, mechatronics engineer

Watch as one of our mechatronics engineers works to make a big impact on tech, all on a nanometer scale.

mechatronics engineer
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Explore mechatronics at ASML

Many of our mechatronics engineers work on our extreme ultraviolet (EUV) lithography machines – and you could, too. Scroll down to take a peek inside one of these complex systems.