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No two days are alike in this fast-paced precision cleanroom environment

Working inside our cleanrooms

In this high-precision, Lean environment, we assemble, test and deliver our complex lithography and metrology & inspection portfolio, from prototype to final product. Chipmakers use our lithography machines to print nanoscale circuit patterns on silicon wafers. From internet connectivity to advances in medical imaging devices, modern society relies on semiconductors to drive progress and solve some of its toughest challenges, now and in the future. The EUV (extreme ultraviolet) lithography, DUV (deep ultraviolet) lithography and metrology and inspection systems we make are some of the most advanced chipmaking equipment in the world. Chips continue to get smaller, more advanced and more efficient thanks to technology made possible by ASML.


High-tech manufacturing at ASML requires an incredibly diverse group of people – from engineers and designers to technicians, opticians and assemblers – to successfully go from design to mass production.

Wilton, Connecticut

Wilton is expanding rapidly, with over 1,300 employees working in manufacturing. Here, we test and assemble the lithography machine’s reticle handler and the reticle stage (the reticle contains the pattern to be printed on the wafer). Wilton is also one of our in-house optical fabrication sites.

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San Diego, California

San Diego’s manufacturing focus is on light sources for ASML’s lithography machines. Here, over 300 employees manufacture EUV Inline Refill Modules and Cymer DUV light sources.

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Career tracks in Manufacturing

EngineerParts fabrication

Work in a precision cleanroom environment where you’ll build complex modules and parts that form the building blocks of ASML’s high-tech machines.


No two days are alike in Assembly, where you’ll put together, adjust and qualify complex modules and parts. You’ll also help to make ASML’s machines come together and function according to customer specifications.

CircularityProduction engineering

Design, maintain and optimize production processes in a dynamic environment. You’ll troubleshoot issues that occur during assembly and help to decrease cycle time and cost while increasing quality and efficiency.


In Planning and Logistics, you can either work on the production floor, making sure that our assemblers have the right parts at the right time, or you can become a shift, production or master planner.

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Become part of progress as an electrical engineer at ASML.

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