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The Sourcing and Procurement team plays a critical role in ensuring the availability of the necessary components and materials needed for our lithography machines.

Ensuring timely output daily

As part of our Sourcing and Procurement team, you will work closely with suppliers to source the various components and products required to build our chipmaking machines. Being a part of an industry that is within every aspect of human life, it is important to obtain suppliers who can improve quality, reliability, capacity and environmental standards.


Within this team, it is important to forecast demand for the products to ensure they are delivered in a timely manner. We are continuously investing in research and development to enhance product design, reduce lead time, improve quality and overall increase supply chain efficiency.

New product development

At ASML, we are always instituting new products and new machinery to keep up with Moore’s Law. New product introduction goes through many phases to ensure the right investments are made and the quality meets industry demand. We work together with our global and cross sector teams to come up with the best solutions.