Berlin, Germany

A major R&D and manufacturing site with expertise in optics and wafer chuck technology

Berlin at a glance

Over 1,600 employees work at ASML Berlin , specialized in optical fabrication and high-precision manufacturing. Several key components for our lithography systems are developed and produced here, including wafer tables and clamps, reticle chucks and mirror blocks.


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Working in Berlin

Living and working in Berlin offers the best of both worlds: a modern international city that is rich in history.

ASML acquired Berliner Glas Group in 2020. Our employees in Berlin are multi-skilled and multilingual. Core technology strengths include mechanics, optics and electronics.

English is commonly spoken both in the office and by many Berliners. However, much of our manufacturing work instructions require employees to be fluent in German.

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Berlin, a city humming with life, is the capital of Germany and home to more than 3.6 million people. It is an international city, with many universities and research institutions. Proudly known for its open and tolerant culture, Berlin has a rich history and is a bridge between tradition and modernity.

Recognized as a ‘green metropolis’, Berlin boasts several parks, lakes and forests where you can exercise, explore and relax. The many shopping avenues, restaurants and cafes across the city will keep you busy all day, and in the evening you can enjoy Berlin’s renowned nightlife that attracts musicians and DJs from around the globe.

ASML is located to the south of the city in Britz, part of the Neukölln district. Ample public transport options make it easy to commute to work at ASML in Berlin.

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  • ASML Berlin (Berliner Glas)
  • Waldkraiburger Straße 5
  • Germany
  • +49 30 60 9050