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Hillsboro at a glance

Hillsboro is ASML’s largest US customer support site dedicated to monitoring and correcting machine errors, as well as completing maintenance, installations and upgrades – striving to achieve the ‘perfect service call’ every time.

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Inside ASML Hillsboro

Wherever our customers produce chips, you’ll find our Customer Support (CS) engineers.

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Focus areas

When you’re a CS engineer at Hillsboro, you’ll be the first to interact with customers and the first to respond to issues. You’ll help keep technological advancements on track. Customer Support installs, integrates, optimizes, upgrades and maintains ASML systems in chipmaker’s fabs (semiconductor manufacturing plants). You and your team will be the face of ASML and the customer’s voice back to ASML.

Technicians working in an ASML cleanroom

Our corporate functions include professionals from fields as diverse as human resources, finance, facility management and IT. As part of one of these teams, you’ll help to enable ASML to run smoothly.


Our expertise in Hillsboro

In Hillsboro, our Customer Support team makes some of the most complex machines in the world work consistently and predictably for our customers every day. Hillsboro is also the epicenter of introduction of EUV for high-volume manufacturing at one of the largest US chipmakers.

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Introducing EUV to US chipmakers

Teams in Hillsboro are playing an important role in introducing the next generation of EUV lithography (‘High NA’) into the chipmaking process. It is a strategically important location focused on building up our manufacturing, supply chain and service capabilities to support a larger installed base of EUV lithography systems. 


While ASML builds systems to certain specifications, the New Product Introduction (NPI) and Node Transition team optimizes each individual system to work for a customer and integrate into their manufacturing process. EUV lithography is a very complex technology, so teams in Hillsboro are also addressing challenging technological concepts on a larger scale than ever before.

Life cycle management

Throughout the life cycle of a lithography system, our Hillsboro colleagues are there every step of the way – collaborating with the rest of ASML to deliver quality solutions, on time and in spec. Services vary greatly depending on the phase at which the system is within a customer’s process.


Components of an ASML lithography system arrive in multiple 747s and must be put together at the customer site. CS engineers build something that is comparative in complexity to a space shuttle right in chipmakers’ cleanrooms. No install, relocation or upgrade is the same.


Lithography is an expensive system in the chipmaking fab. Any system ‘downtime’ costs our customers money. They expect the machine to run 24/7. Our Hillsboro team must deliver predictable performance to our customers through diagnostics, regular maintenance, upgrades and more. And CS teams are available around the clock, ready to get to work if a system does go down.


A CS team may spend an entire day trying to figure out why something is inaccurate to 0.5 nm (for comparison, a sheet of paper is 100,000 nm). They’re counting in atoms; the work is that precise. Work within Customer Support varies widely, and every day is different at ASML Hillsboro.

Working in Hillsboro

Located in Oregon, Hillsboro is home to family farms, wineries, educational centers and high-tech companies like ASML that make up the ‘Silicon Forest’. Hillsboro offers an affordable and relaxed lifestyle, with access to beaches and mountains alike.

Pacific Northwest lifestyle

Hillsboro is situated in the Pacific Northwest region of the US. Summers tend to be short, warm, dry and mostly clear, while the winters are ideal for outdoor enthusiasts. The climate creates a lush green environment between beautiful coastlines and spectacular mountains. Whether backpacking, camping or hiking, the region offers many opportunities to explore nature.

Portland culture and more

Hillsboro is less than an hour's drive from Portland, the largest and most populous city in Oregon. It offers many of the amenities and activities expected of a busy metropolitan city. Residents and visitors can enjoy a range of music, film, performing arts and museums. It has grown in prominence as a city with great street food and craft breweries.

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“On a daily basis, we deal with robotics, fluid dynamics, vacuum technology, lasers and targeting software. There are so many aspects to our machines that there are no limitations to what engineers can learn.”

- Greg Wilson, EUV group lead

“It’s pretty fast-paced, but it’s a very open and collaborative environment. I always think that engineering is a team sport, and that’s definitely the case here.”

- Ashley West, Customer Support engineer

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